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Things to Know About Weed: 5 Surprising Medical Marijuana Facts

Marijuana has been at the center of our cultural conversation for many decades. Of course, the history of marijuana extends far, far back past hippies and Seth Rogen. Weed has a long and storied history, and even today, a lot about how marijuana works aren’t fully understood.

There are many things to know about weed that you might not be familiar with. Sure, you know a few things about everyone’s favorite casual drug, but there are sure to be a few facts that surprise you. For instance, marijuana contains psychoactive properties like the famous magic mushrooms that aid mental health.

Want to know what we’re talking about? Read on and we’ll walk you through some very surprising tidbits.

1. No One Knows It’s Initial Origins

Who was the first person to get high? We have no idea, and any sense of what person or what culture first discovered cannabis is lost to time.

There are some people out there who believe that an Emperor Shen Nung of China first wrote about using marijuana as early as 2727 B.C. However, the historical record doesn’t quite agree with this claim, as no Shen Nung is ever on record of even being an Emporer in China. This story is likely a myth.

It’s true that the Chinese do have some illustrations of hemp in their early artwork, indicating that they certainly may have been early adopters of the plant’s more enjoyable qualities.

However, there’s no way to know for sure who first discovered weed and brought about the weed culture we know today. That’s a mystery lost, left to be unknown likely for all time.

2. Gender May Impact how Marijuana Works

Studies done by drug researchers have indicated that there might some slight differences in how men and women experience the effects of marijuana. It appears that females are much more likely to experience the painkilling possibilities of marijuana use.

However, it also seems that females develop tolerance to marijuana easier and quicker than most males. That means they might have to take more of the drug in order to feel it effects.

Why? What is it with girls that make this possible? Scientists theorize that it’s something to do with the higher estrogen levels in women, though the exact reasons are still unclear at this time.

3. Marijuana Production Isn’t Eco-Friendly

Many people who love marijuana like to tote around the fact that it’s a natural drug. It feels good to take something from the ground and use it. However, the mass production of marijuana is anything but eco-conscious.

In order to grow marijuana at mass quantities, a lot of heat and energy is required. This is because many mass retailers of marijuana products grow their plants inside, where they can retain maximum control over them.

It takes a lot of power to run all the lights used in growing marijuana plants. Even growing a few pounds of marijuana can require a massive amount of energy. Mass-scale agriculture is a big consumption process, and it’s likely only to become a bigger issue as weed is legalized around the country.

4. Weed Can Relieve Arthritis

A lot of people assumed that back when weed was prescribed for medical reasons, that it was a loose cover to get the drug for more recreational use. However, these people may have been operating under the wrong assumptions!

The truth is the medical uses or marijuana are proven and numerous. It is a very useful drug and is still prescribed frequently today.

One of the most surprising things marijuana can help combat? Arthritis. That’s right: if you’re grandma and grandpa are feeling pain their joints, a little bit of toking could help them feel much, much better.

This is because marijuana use is linked to decreased inflammation in the body, one of the main symptoms of arthritis. It also helps to promote sleep and relaxation, which can dull some of the pain receptors in the body.

If you or a loved one suffer from arthritis, it can be worth filling out a few medical marijuana forms and seeing if the drug can help the situation. It isn’t only arthritis either, of course. Weed can also be helpful to anyone suffering from any kind of pain and aches.

It’s also been proven to help those who suffer from seizures.

5. Weed Is Getting Stronger

If you used to smoke weed decades back and tried the drug again today, you may be surprised to find an experience much more vivid than you remembered. That isn’t your imagination or old age: weed is actually getting stronger.

Studies conducted by a variety of outlets have found that THC levels in marijuana have gone up significantly over the past couple of decades. THC is the psychedelic chemical that creates the high that marijuana is known for.

Weed today, for example, is on average found to contain ten percent more THC than it did in the 1990s. That’s a big difference!

This increase in THC doesn’t always mean an increase in the effects associated with pot, nor does it mean that pot is any more dangerous or addictive. If you haven’t smoked in a few decades, you might in for a wild ride!

5 Surprising Things To Know About Weed

Even if you smoke marijuana every day, you might not know a lot about what there is to know about cannabis. The above surprising things to know about weed might open your eyes to some new information about your favorite recreational past time.

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