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4 Popular Types of Custom Blinds and Window Treatments

Are you getting ready for something unique for your home? Have you planned something interesting for this year, or do you wish to stick to the traditional methods? Well, whatever your answer might be, we have got the perfect solution for you in this blog. So if you’re trying to magnify the aesthetic appeal of your house, you must settle for the custom window blinds. The most intriguing thing about custom window blinds is, they can easily fill the aesthetic loopholes in your house. Especially when you intend to work on a budget, the custom window blinds register themselves as the perfect option. With custom options, you can choose the colors, size, and design of the blinds.

Here are a few popular window treatments and custom blinds for your home. Sift through all the options till the end:

1. Wood/Faux Blinds

When it comes to a custom window treatment, many people swoon over the wooden and faux blinds. You must give these options a thought because they are simple, cheap, and attractive. Secondly, they require minimal maintenance compared to other blind options. Once you incorporate them into the house, both of them will give a farm feeling. If you look at both the options, it will be difficult for you to tell the difference between both of them. Today, the faux wood blinds look similar to the wooden ones.

2. Roman Shades

From your kitchen to the bedroom, roman shades are the most popular choice for every modern homeowner. If you have kids in your home, there is no way you can ignore the roman shades. The reason why modern homeowners choose roman shades is that children won’t get tangled with them. These blind options are also applauded for their aesthetic appeal because they can make any simple place look exquisite. Secondly, if you want to clean the roman shades, all you need is damp cotton cloth. Visit Select blinds Canada to go through some amazing options on the web.

3. Drapes

If you want to settle for something timeless and classy, there’s nothing better than spending on drapes. Custom made drapes are beautiful and can easily suffice for your needs and wants. When you have drapes in your mind, everything is possible. If you are not convinced with the options on the web, check with a professional vendor who sells custom made drapes to people. This way, you can easily assume control of your budget as well. Although the trend throughout the year it is essential for you to know that it is hard to maintain them.

4. Vertical Blinds

A few years back, vertical blinds were only looked upon as a cheap window treatment and nothing else. Unfortunately, they were not discussed anything close to durability or aesthetic appeal. Luckily, today, the vertical blinds are coming back in fashion and assuming control over everything. This option is best for sliding doors and large bedrooms. Not to forget, the vintage style is a threat to children’s safety, which is why it is best to choose something according to the latest designs out there.