Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Ways Flowers Can Improve Workplace Productivity

Placing flowers in the workplace is more important than you think. They not only add an aesthetic appearance but they can also help to improve the productivity of the workers. It is an economical investment given it doesn’t take much money to buy the flowers and it is also easy to care for them. There are many ways flowers can improve the productivity of your workplace.

Eliminate the Contaminants in the Atmosphere

Flowers can freshen up the air inside the building. Many offices are stuffy due to the inadequate amount of air circulating around. When the air is stuffy, the employees will start to feel not in the mood to work. However, if you put flowers in the office, the air can become fresher due to the fact that plants breathe in carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. The plants will reduce the volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere. Eliminating the toxins in the atmosphere can reduce anxiety and stress level in the employees. It also reduces the likelihood of getting related health problems like allergies, and asthma. See more.

Reduce Stress

Almost every employee has some kind of stress in their life. As the employer, you can reduce the stress in your employees by placing flowers in the office. Flowers can ease the anxiety and reduce its symptoms for a short period of time. Lavender can aid in regulating the heart rate and reducing the anxiety level. Just taking a look at the flowers can help to calm down the feeling of nervousness so that the employees can be safe from work stress. You can put a vase with floral arrangements in a strategic spot so that your employees can destress whenever they walk by the place. It is recommended that you place one floral arrangement per square meter. It will help to improve the concentration of the employees and increase their productivity.

Reduce Noise in the Background

Placing flowers in the office workplace can reduce the noise level from outside. They can act as an insulation and reduce the noise in the background such as chit chat, and the noise of an office machine. Noises in the background can disrupt the employees from concentrating and finishing their work. By using flowers to muffle these noises, you will be able to improve the productivity of your business. The flowers should be placed in a vase on the tabletops and desks of the employees. Red color flowers are believed to be the most effective in improving attention to details.

Boost the Mood

Flowers can uplift the mood of the employees in the office. Office is a boring place for many employees. If the employees feel bored, there is no way they are going to be in the mood to work. As a result, no work will get done and your business productivity will drop. You can ameliorate the situation by placing flowers wherever possible so that the employees can see them no matter where they turn their heads. It will help to perk up their mood and get them more motivated to do their jobs.

Increase in mood can also enhance the creativity level of the employees. Blue color flowers are believed to have the ability to boost the creativity thinking of the employees. The fact on plants can boost creativity is based on the attention restoration theory where looking at images of nature will enable the brain to shift into a different processing mode. Placing flowers in the workplace can help your employees to generate 30% more ideas.

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