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A No-Nonsense Guide to Rotating PDF Pages Using

There’s no argument that Portable Document Format or PDF is among the best (if not the best) document formats today. You can transfer and open a PDF file on any device without getting its format or layout changed. This file type also doesn’t eat too much storage space, and it’s more secure because you can protect it with a password.

Certainly, you have many reasons to use PDF over any other document format. Probably the only disadvantage of this file format is the instances of wrongly orientated pages after scanning. Such cases also occur when converting and merging different documents into one PDF file.

What to do when you encounter such issues? Well, I advise you to use to correct the improper angles of PDF pages. Read this article to learn how.

Steps to Follow When Using PDFBear

Using the tool rotate for PDFbear is an excellent way to fix the upside-down pages of your PDF document. Make sure to follow these steps when you’re going to rotate PDF pages.

1st Step: Go to the Official Site of PDFBear

Launch a web browser and go to the official website of PDFBear, which is Then, on its homepage, find the Rotate PDF tool and open it.

2nd Step: Upload the Document on the Site

Hitting the Rotate PDF tool will bring you to another page, which shows the Select Files option displayed at the center of the screen. Click that option to pick and upload the PDF file that you need to edit.

3rd Step: Set the PDF Pages to Their Correct Orientation

You’re now ready to rotate the pages of your document to their proper angles. The thumbnails you see on the screen represent each page of your PDF. Choose the pages with wrong angles to start editing them.

4th Step: Save the Changes You’ve Made

Confirm and save the changes you’ve made by hitting the Apply button. Review the edits to see to it that you’ve corrected all the pages to their proper orientation.

5th Step: Download the Latest Version of Your PDF Document

Once the pages of your PDF document are already in their correct angles, you can now save the newly edited PDF on your PC. The PDF file is now up for viewing and sharing.

Advantages of This PDF Rotate Tool

Many people opt for PDFBear over other online PDF editors because of its advantages. Read this list to know the pros of this online tool.

  • PDFBear has a straightforward user interface. You won’t have a hard time using this online tool to edit your PDF file. With its smooth and easy to use interface, setting your PDF pages in their right orientation will be finished just within a few minutes.
  • This online software guarantees the safety of your PDF content. PDFBear shields the confidential and sensitive information of your document against hacking and unauthorized sharing. The file will be taken off from the site once you close the tool.
  • Edit the document according to your liking. With the help of those circular arrows on the screen, you can set each upside-page of the document to their right orientation.
  • Available on different platforms. The PDFBear tool is not only available on the web. You can also use it on your desktop. This software is compatible with various operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.


PDFBear is among the best PDF online tools today. You can use PDFBear to rotate upside-down PDF pages to their correct angles. It has a straightforward user interface, and it also protects your PDF file against hacking and unpermitted sharing.

If you’re a beginner using this PDF editor, keep in mind the information mentioned above to learn how to use it.