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How to Make a Manual TV Lift

Almost every modern house can boast of a large flat-screen TV. And as the progress moves on, this piece of technology is becoming bigger and bigger each year. Some are happy to adjust their interior to make it suitable to host big plasma TV, others on contrary – upset by the need to place such TVs within their interior, which makes this TV screen noticeable to the unwanted extent. Some, even have to refuse to purchase a more comfortable large screen in favor of a small one, so that the TV screen would not be the only thing that falls into view when entering the room. House owners have to rejoice as modern automation came so far that it became possible to solve this problem and enjoy a large image on your favorite large TV screen without spoiling the interior. This solution came into the view of the TV lift automation mechanism.

These TV elevators represent a special design that is suitable for any piece of furniture — usually a nightstand, a small closet, cabinet, and chest of drawers, etc. The bottom line is that the TV screen can be hidden inside when it is not needed and moved back again to watch favorite programs. This can be done with just a single button press.

Automated drop-down TV lift can be purchased but also it can be done manually. To do this all what customer needs is the automated TV lift stand manufactured by Progressive Automations. This piece of automation is capable to be installed in almost all kinds of furniture of a suitable size. Taking the cabinet, for instance, the customer has to cut the rectangular hole on the surface of the cabinet to let the TV screen move through without any drawbacks.

The cut-off piece of the cabinet can become a cover for your cabinet with the automated TV hidden inside. If you need it, you can attach the special spring so that when you start the mechanism of the elevator, the cover could open itself. The TV lift stand of Progressive Automations has to be fastened inside the cabinet so that in the lower position the dimensions of the TV screen you have previously chosen would not be visible at all. Correct measurement is the matter of extreme importance as each centimeter plays a very significant role. After the TV stand was fastened the monitor itself can be attached to the adjustable bracing of the automated TV lift.

The next step is plugging in the TV monitor to the current supply. TV lift ower must be attentive to follow the operation manual and choose the suitable voltage. Another important factor to take into account are the weight of the TV screen and the maximum weight the TV lift is capable to move effectively. Stroke, force, and speed of movement are also very important specifications to doublecheck. Make sure that your monitor won’t have difficulties when reaching the upper position.

After all, work is done, check if everything works correctly. Now you are a proud user of the automated TV lift cabinet which does not spoil the interior with the look of the extremely big TV monitor.

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