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What Jobs Can You Get with Cisco Certification?

Cisco certifications are well known and highly valued in the business industry. IT managers looking to hire prefer individuals that stand out from the crowd, and IT certifications such as Cisco, that are backed up by the excellent Cisco training, are always a huge plus when seeking jobs. There are a variety of jobs that seek IT professionals with Cisco training and certification and offer high pay for their services.

This article will be talking about what kind of jobs are available for individuals with experience in Cisco training and certifications. But before we delve deep into the kind of jobs they can expect, we first need to talk a little about prerequisites. All individuals looking to work in a Cisco network must receive the entry-level Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT) certification by receiving icnd1 training and passing The Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1) exam (100-105).

Following are various jobs and their respective pay scales that individuals can expect to get, depending on their experience, skillset, and advanced certifications.

Network Engineer:

A network Engineer’s job revolves around implementing and maintaining various aspects of an enterprise’s computer network. Their duties include providing support and troubleshooting any problems that arise while maintaining the integrity of the network by making sure the systems firewall and other security protocols are working smoothly. Moreover, these individuals need a few other key skills that allow them to enhance their potentials, such as the ability to work in teams and strong communication skills. Although traditionally the position of a Network Engineer requires technical qualification in the field, individuals with experience, and credible certifications such as Cisco are also hired. Cisco training and icnd1 training are key skills highly valued in any job, and the more advanced and evolved an individual’s Cisco training, the better jobs they will get. The mean salary of a Network Engineer is around $71,000 but can increase to as much as $103,000.

Network Technicians:

Network Technicians typically work with clients or customers and aid in the implementation and smooth running of networks. They are also expected to troubleshoot hardware and software components for all the related parties using a particular network. Network Technicians deal with end users as well, so they are expected to act as support staff, installing operating systems, and training users about different networks and interfaces. A Network Technician position is an excellent starting point for individuals just starting their icnd1 training and entering this field. The salaries these individuals can achieve through the value provided by their icnd1 training are respectable, to say the least. For individuals just starting out in this field, they can earn as much as $30,000 through icnd1 training and Cisco certifications. Of course, as they progress through the years, they can leverage their CCENT certification and gain better, more specialized certification, enhancing their capabilities and career prospects.

Network Security Engineer:

With the rapid increase in interconnectedness, widespread internet, emerging technology such as IoT, the network systems being used in businesses, they have the potential of being more vulnerable than ever before, therefore the demand for Network Security Engineers is increasing rapidly. Icnd1 training provides IT professionals with the basic knowledge of how systems work and provides them with a trajectory to follow in their professional qualifications. As IT professionals gain experience and keep attaining advanced Cisco training and certifications, they can create a lucrative career for themselves. Of course, the job of a Network Security Engineer requires them to maintain the security protocols in place and is therefore highly specialized. To get this job, Individuals to need to further specialize their certification by attaining a CCNA Security certification. Network Security Engineers can expect to earn anywhere between $60,000 to $125,000.

Systems Administrator:

The Systems Administrator is responsible for overlooking the smooth operation of a computer system. An integral part of a Systems Administrator’s job description is monitoring the health of a computer network and ensuring every aspect of it working smoothly. In case of any issues, they are supposed to follow contingency plans, such as backing up data and bringing the network back up with minimum downtime. Furthermore, these individuals take up the responsibility of providing support, maintaining, and troubleshooting all the related aspects of the network. The varied role of a systems administrator requires key insights into the real-life workings of a computer network. Individuals with Cisco training learn the application of the knowledge they receive and also how to deal with unfavorable circumstances such as system faults or data breaches. The more experienced and highly certified an individual is, the higher pay he can expect. A systems administrator can expect a pay scale ranging from around $45,000 to $84,000.

Network architect:

The job of a Network Architect is perhaps more specialized and requires higher technical skills, but the career prospects are also excellent. A network Analyst is expected to implement highly specialized duties of researching and analyzing various new technologies and validate new design-plans while keeping the cost in mind. Their duties also include implementing new technologies, that could potential revamp the networking system, and ensure compatibility across the board. With the increasing adoption of emerging technologies in businesses, the need for software Architects has risen. Their role of researching, analyzing, and implementing the potentially most optimized networking solution is more integral to the business’s overall competitiveness than ever. Network Architects, owing to their advanced skills and valuable contribution to the enterprise, usually get very high paying jobs. The average salary of a Network Analyst around $120,000 and can increase up to $155,000.

Cisco certified professionals with icnd1 training can expect prospective careers up ahead. This platform provides an excellent foundation for newcomers to the IT field. The wide range of Cisco certifications and different levels of advancements allows professionals to evolve their skill set and become an indispensable asset for their organizations.