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The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Among Women

While cosmetic surgery serves both men and women, there’s no denying the number of female patients that choose this route each year. Not just one area, instead there seems to be key parts of the body that command the attention of tummy tuck doctors‘ patients as well as their partners. Find out what women are looking for in recent procedures.

Breast Augmentation

This procedure is one of the most popular of those done by surgeons. Its purpose is to change the shape or enlarge the breast. Implants are put into the breast to accomplish the change that is wanted. It will be around two weeks before a patient can go back to their regular activities. While it could be used for purely aesthetic reasons, those who have lost one or both breasts to cancer can utilize it to recreate what was lost. Please note That There are three general categories of cosmetic surgery performed: breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction. Talk to a plastic surgeon if you’re considering Large Breasts augmentation. Make sure you understand what surgery involves, including possible risks, complications and follow-up care to get good results.


Liposuction removes fat cells while reshaping the body; it can be used in conjunction with other surgeries like Mini Tummy Tuck in Sydney with Dr Alex Phoon. This procedure can be done in a hospital or as an outpatient. The anesthesia can be either local or general depending on doctor recommendations. There are several types of liposuction that a surgeon will use; one is the tumescent liposuction where a solution of saline and numbing medication is put into the area to be treated. Fat is then suctioned out. Ultrasound can be used to break the fat cells down, these cells can now be suctioned out. There is a recovery time of several weeks to get back to completely normal activities.


The facelift takes care of sagging and wrinkles while restoring a youthful appearance to the face. During a facelift the skin is pulled, any extra skin is removed, and muscles are tightened. This simple method will give the face a smooth look. The surgeon will advise no strenuous activity during the first week and no exercise for two weeks. Other procedures that can be done during facelift neck lifts and eyelid surgeries.


There are many reasons someone would want rhinoplasty covering both cosmetic and medical areas. The surgery works on the bone and cartilage on the inside or outside of the nose and takes up to two hours. It can be done as an outpatient or inpatient more convenient as well as better care options. There may be splints or the nasal packs after the surgery to assist with healing. Swelling and bruising will slowly disappear over the course of a week or two.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck removes extra fat and skin in the abdomen. The muscles are tightened with stitches to ensure the best hold. The procedure takes up to five hours to complete. After surgery, a tube may be placed to help with drainage of fluids and blood at the incision. A compression garment is worn while recovering to hold delicate areas in place. The recovery period can be up to two months with proper care.

While recovering there should be no strenuous activity like lifting or stretching.