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Skincare Resupply: Products You Can Get For Under $250

If you open your bathroom cabinet and can easily pull out a bunch of half-empty moisturizer tubes or a glass serum bottle that’s depressingly close to its expiry date, it may be time for a skincare refresh. Are you ready to revamp your routine or throw a few new products into the mix to handle a specific concern or improve your complexion? Yes? Well, we’ve got a few suggestions about what you can stock up on.

First: The Basics

Before we share our recommendations for the best skincare products, let’s consider what a simple, effective skincare routine should include. You don’t need a twenty-step novel to get the most out of what you use and your skin type; you just need the right products and to use them in the correct order daily.

  1. Cleanser: We recommend getting a cleanser that removes not only impurities that collect on your skin over the course of the day or night but also takes off every last trace of makeup. 
  2. Facial serum: Your facial serum goes on after you’ve cleansed your face thoroughly. Serum is a gel-like liquid usually dispensed by a dropper. This product targets specific concerns or conditions, so make sure you choose the suitable serum for your needs when you shop.
  3. Face moisturizer: This cream or gel keeps moisture locked into your skin.
  4. Eye cream: The sensitive skin around your eyes requires a dedicated moisturizer.
  5. SPF: You must wear an SPF cream, spray, or powder every day, rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, to protect your skin from the sun.
  6. Overnight face mask: This mask is applied before bed and left overnight to promote a lifting effect.

Skincare Resupply


Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser — under $39,67. 

This product takes the effort out of getting your makeup off and your face cleansed or prepared for a new day. It’s an all-in-one makeup remover and cleanser that doesn’t require cotton pads, so it’s low-waste. Simply apply two pumps to your clean hands and lather all over your face. Your makeup and any dirt will melt away after you rinse the product off with warm water.

Image by Ekaterina Bolovstova via Pexels


Fresh Lotus AHA Gentle Resurfacing Serum – $68

Your skin deserves the best — which this comforting bottle of AHA filled goodness delivers. Fresh has created an all new formula that includes prickly pear flower extract, super lotus, polyglutamic acid and AHAs to create an exfoliating yet smooth and radiant serum that will leave your skin glowing and healthy. This is part of the brand’s wider range of serums including their award winning Tea Elixir Serum which has been a bestseller since its launch. The lotus serum is recommended to be used before bed for the product to work its magic while you sleep, making sweet dreams that little more sweeter.


Hello Fab Coconut Water Cream — $28,90. 

This is a dreamy moisturizer option that delivers on all fronts. The coconut water scent is natural and minimal but still delicious. This moisturizing formula’s gel-like consistency means that your skin gets all the moisture and hydration it needs while never becoming unbalanced. 

Eye Cream

e.l.f. Cosmetics Holy Hydration! Eye Cream — $10. 

Combining collagen-boosting peptides and moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid in this eye cream is a winning formula. A lightweight cream by ELF Cosmetics, this eye moisturizer absorbs quickly and helps fight the visible signs of aging we all want to avoid.

Image by Yan Krukau via Pexels 


Thank You Farmer Sun Project Water Sun Cream — $28. 

Though you may sometimes be tempted to skip this step, SPF is essential to your daily skincare routine. The sun is still up there in winter, even if it’s hard to see. The same applies to time spent indoors. Your SPF goes on last in your routine and should be applied all over your face and neck. Thank You Farmer offers an excellent option that leaves no white cast or oily residue behind. The SPF 50 formula will keep your skin protected all day, every day.

Overnight Face Mask

Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask – $40

Every skincare collection should include an overnight mask of some kind, especially one that includes all of the moisturizing and firming benefits of this one by Fresh. Any overnight mask is applied before bed and left on your skin while you sleep, which you then wash off in the morning when your alarm sounds. Fresh’s Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask is recommended as it boosts elasticity of the face while reducing the look of tiredness for a more awake look.

Final Thoughts

Choosing any of these products when you replenish your skincare supplies means choosing some of the best options on the market and giving your skin the best chance at looking fresh and remaining healthy this year.