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How VIP Protection Services and Executive Protection Works

When it comes to personal protection services, most people have a particular image ingrained into their minds. For the majority of them, an executive protection agent is a tough guy, driving around in a luxury car, and living the same lavish lifestyle that their clients do all the while putting in zilch effort and sweat throughout the day.

The reality, though, is far from it. Because Hollywood played quite a vital role in shaping the image of a professional working in the security industry, it contributed significantly to it being misrepresented and very much misunderstood. To set the record straight – and try to give you a more realistic glimpse into the world of a personal protection agent – we’ll go over some of the basics of VIP protection services and executive protection and explain how it actually works.

It’s a 24-hour job at times

Contrary to your average 9-to-5 job where you get home after a hard day’s work and get the much needed rest, the job of a VIP or executive protection specialist can be quite demanding in terms of working hours. Sometimes, the agents are expected to work on holidays and weekends, and their work week is often much longer than the average 40 hours. Many times, they’ll work overnight shifts, and depending on the client’s needs, they may need to work late nights and early mornings.

What’s more, professionals working in the VIP protection services and executive protection sectors are often on call during the entire day. Threats and incidents occur when they’re least expected, and they need to be able to mitigate any risk and respond to any emergency regardless of the time on the clock.

You need a lot of different skills

Other than being able to work under pressure and in a stressful environment, a professional working in the VIP protection services and executive protection field is also expected to possess a variety of different skills. They pretty much need to know how to do several different things and excel at every one of them, including performing CPR and first aid and using external defibrillators.

Because driving is a big part of a protection service agent’s work day, it’s also vital that they know how to drive skillfully at different speeds regardless of the terrain or the weather conditions in question. Along with all that, they need to go through extensive security training to help prepare for their future role, get firearm training and license, and possess soft skills such as effective verbal communication. They’re pretty much expected to be a jack-of-all-trades, but the benefits that come with the role are certainly worth the effort.

There are several important principles to follow

Aside from the wide skill set and necessary training and licensing that are the prerequisites for this job, a VIP protection services and executive protection specialist also has a list of roles and responsibilities that they need to adhere to. They are, after all, providing protection to important people, so there’s a variety of tasks they need to fulfill in order to ensure all-around safety. For starters, they’re responsible for access control, where the protection specialist serves as a barrier between the VIP and the general public. With an agent from a reputable executive protection agency on their side, clients are able to get the peace of mind they need while attending everything from business and political meetings to concerts and various other public gatherings.

They also ought to use protective gear that would shield the client in case of an emergency. This includes the use of bulletproof vehicles along with bulletproof vests. Finally, there’s the deterrence principle, meaning that the security specialist needs to discourage violent events or actions by instilling fear in a potential attacker.

There’s a rising need for VIP and executive protection

From stalker fans wanting to meet their idols to pesky paparazzis watching their every move, the daily life of a high-profile individual or a celebrity can be quite stressful at times. Even if they’re just trying to get from point A to point B, they simply cannot go unnoticed, which is why the need for VIP and executive protection agents is only increasing with no signs of slowing down.

And it’s not only the celebs and government officials who often require such services. These days, the demand for VIP-like executive protection is rising even among ordinary people whose social or political views may expose them to various safety risks. While this does mean more work for a security professional, it also makes for an exciting career path that offers a plethora of perks and rewards.

Consider joining this highly specialized security industry field

Safeguarding affluent, high-profile individuals means doing everything in your power to ensure your client remains safe and protected, sometimes even putting your life on the line. Although it carries particular risks, this profession is nothing short of exciting. By learning what to expect from it and acquiring all the necessary skills, you’ll be well on your way to ensuring a lucrative career as an executive protection specialist.