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Office Supply Checklist: Four Things You Must Get When Stockicking the Office

Stocking up for the office is a routine task, and its importance is quite apparent. You may want to buy everything you need in bulk, so that they’ll be available when you need it, instead of running out of staples in the middle of preparing an important document.

If you’re going to shop, then you need a checklist to help you make sure you remember everything you’re supposed to buy. Or else, you might find yourself in the same ‘forgot to buy staples’ scenario. Here are some of the items that belong on your checklist. If you are looking for inks for your printer, you can check sell toner cartridge.


Stationery and small office supplies are some of the first things you should put on your list. You need everyday use items like pens, paper, and envelopes. These are important because every office goes through them very rapidly. The ones that you don’t use as much—pens—just always seem to disappear without explanation.

You also need non-writing materials like staplers, staple bins, box cutters, tape (masking tape, packing tape, and duct tape), and of course, sticky notes. Sticky notes are the physical alternative to digital reminders. You might even use a sticky note to remind yourself to go shopping.

Toilet paper

Toilet paper has the tendency of being overlooked when the other office supplies are being bought. This is probably because it’s not strictly an office supply item. You don’t use it for everyday office work like printer ink and ink pads.

However, toilet paper is essential in any environment for reasons we all understand. Finding out you don’t have any while in the restroom is the stuff of many people’s nightmares. If you’re going supply shopping, you have to remember to get toilet paper.

Printer ink

Speaking of ink, stocking up on printer ink is also important. This isn’t necessarily because you’ll run out often, as those things last a long time. It’s more about not running out when you need it. If you’ve ever run low on printer ink while printing, you’ll know that the ink first starts to fade and the darkness isn’t as consistent as it used to be.

Imagine you were printing a hundred-page document, and it starts fading on the twentieth page. That potentially ruins the whole document, and not only do you have to replace the ink, you probably have to start over. Instead of dashing off to buy some, you’ll be glad you have some in the office.

ID accessories

You’ll also need ID accessories, either for when new badges are being issued out, or when you need a replacement part. You need badge reels because they make the badges much easier to use—you simply pull them out when needed, and they snap back into place when you’re done.

You also need transparent ID holders that make the IDs easy to carry and difficult to lose. Plus, they can protect the bar code or any other security feature from scratching and damage.

Stocking supplies for the office is a necessary part of running an office, and you have to do it now and then. Because there are so many other things to do, it’s easy to forget some items on the list. However, these items are quite significant, and no supply run is complete without them.

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