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Are The Portable Treadmills Safe For Your Knees?

A study reveals that your body should get at least 150 minutes of exercise per week. But if you have a busy schedule, it can be pretty tough to find the time to work out. This is why portable treadmills are the perfect solutions you can opt for. Portable treadmills are also known as folding treadmills and are a great way to save up on some space. They can be easily used at home or offices alike. Also, treadmills are one of the most common and easiest equipment that you can use at home. The flat and smooth treadmill surface allows you to work out without the risk of falling or injuring yourself. At the same time, working out on a treadmill doesn’t strain your body too much. It is also a good form of exercise for your knees.

Shock Absorption In Treadmills

Various treadmills use different kinds of methods to absorb shock while running on a treadmill. The shock absorption in treadmills is basically to minimize the stress or lower the pressure on your joints. Usually, running or walking on hard surfaces can give too much of an impact on your knees and joints. But since nowadays treadmills come with shock absorption technology, the stress on your legs is reduced. Also, if you suffer from joint or knee pain, then it is recommended that you purchase a portable treadmill with a shock absorption system. The powerful system will aid your knees and help you to successfully run on the treadmill. It is also best if you wish to consult a doctor before using a portable treadmill for further guidance on how to use the device and for how long.

Though today you can find a wide range of variety in treadmills, all of them mostly have the same anatomy. First is the deck which is the surface on the treadmill wherein you run. This is the stepping surface of the treadmill. Also, the deck may be made of different materials like fiberboard or particleboard. Next, is the belt that is known to rotate around the deck. Some belts have an extra cushion while others don’t. Finally, expensive treadmills have a shock absorber or springs under the deck which is known to reduce the pressure on your knees.

How To Choose The Best Portable Treadmill For Your Home?

If you are planning to get a portable treadmill for your home use, then you are absolutely at the right spot. We are here to discuss the best and most important factors that you should look for before getting a treadmill at home.

– Budget: The first factor undoubtedly is the budget or the price factor. Since you are planning to get one for your home, it is best to first sit out and plan a price range that you would want to go for. Though there are extraordinarily priced portable treadmills as well, there are other inexpensive ones as well. Look at all of your options before you decide to buy one as it is a long term investment.

– Features: Today, there is a wide range of features that you can find in portable treadmills. Some of the most basic features include heart rate monitors, program options and many others too. At the same time, be aware that the most advanced features are only available on the expensive side.

– Number Of People: Since you plan on getting the portable treadmill for home use, there can be multiple people using it. Hence, ensure you make a note of the number of people who plan on using the device. This will help you to choose a more durable and reliable portable treadmill.

– Space: The reason portable treadmills were designed is to enable people to use them anywhere, anytime without having to worry about space. Now if you need one for your home, then it is best to get one after looking at the space factor. Also, you can consider getting a folding treadmill that is easy to store after use.

Helpful Workouts Using Portable Treadmills

If you are a beginner with portable treadmills, you need not worry about using them. Just with a few uses, you will learn the basics of the equipment. You can also find a ton of treadmill workouts for beginners, intermediate and professional users online. However, do make sure that you are consistent with your workouts always. Some of the workouts that you can try are the Beginner’s run or Walk Treadmill Workout, the 30 Minute Interval Workout, The Incline Treadmill Workout, The Beginner Tempo Treadmill Run, The Pyramid Treadmill Workout, and finally the Beginner Hybrid Treadmill Workout.

Outfits For Treadmill Workouts: Protect Your Knees

Running Shoes: Invest yourself in a good pair of running shoes that are a perfect fit for you. If you did not know, but wearing the wrong type or size of the shoe can cause injuries or accidents. Though you won’t need an expensive one, settle for something comfortable rather than just looks. This is one of the most basic essential which will help you to protect your knees.

Running Clothes: Choose something very lightweight that isn’t too tight. Go for a loose shirt. Here, the main aim is to feel comfortable in what you wear rather than looking stylish or smart. Mind you, no one is out there rating your sense of style.

Running Socks: Avoid cotton socks and make sure that you get specific running socks. These socks are essential for your legs as they prevent blisters. You can also choose other materials for socks like acrylic or polyester.


Though earlier treadmill used to be pretty heavy and non-economical, today the tables have turned. There are portable treadmills that have changed the face of workouts. Now build a super healthy body without having no worry about your knees or joints right at home. Certainly you can also choose the walkingpad to get the same exercise result. Using the right technique or method will ensure that you keep your knees secure and avoid any kind of injuries. We hope that you liked this article and found it informative. Do let us know your feedback and suggestions.

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