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How to Hang Upside Down Without Inversion Table

Perfect posture, glowing skin, healthy body,anda sound mind. What if someone tells you that you can have all this and much more with a single therapy? No, it’s not a dream. And it’s certainly not a gimmick.

If there is something that can help you stay on top of your health, then it has to be inversion therapy. You can use an inversion table to perform this therapy that has several benefits to offer. For a quick look at some of the best inversion tables, check this out.

Now before we discuss the benefits that this excellent therapy provides, first let’s understand what this therapy is all about!

What is Inversion Therapy?

In simple terms, inversion therapy is hanging upside-down. As the name suggests, you invert your body in such a way that your head is lower than your heart and doing so will help you receive the therapeutical benefits that this technique offers.

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

When your body is upside-down, gravity does its work and stretches your body muscles. It not only improves your mind and body but also relieves stress, treats back and neck pain, improves breathing, maintains flexibility, slows downaging, boosts digestion, gives you a healthy complexion and beautiful tresses too.

Well, the list of benefits that you derive from inversion therapy is pretty exhaustive. All in all, this amazing technique can help you have a healthy and beautiful mind as well as body.

Now that we have understood how this therapy works wonders in keeping us healthy, it becomes important to know how to perform it. While this therapy is best performed by using an inversion table, what can you do in case you have no inversion table? Fortunately, there are a number of ways that can help you invert. Let’s take a look at them:

1.Inverted Yoga

One of the best ways to be upside down, inverted yoga poses will not only provide you with the benefits of inversion but will also make you more flexible than before. Even if you are not a yoga fanatic already, you can still practice inverted yoga which is quite easy to learn for amateurs.

From theforward fold to downward-facing dog, you can try different inverted yoga poses in the beginning and work your way up to complex poses that require more strength to perform.This method of inversion will help in reducing stress and aiding weight loss.

2.Gravity Boots

Another useful tool to help you with inversion is a pair of gravity boots. These boots can be wrapped around the feet and secured with straps. Once you have worn them, you can then hang from an inversion rack and be upside down. The rack and bar system is usually mounted to a door frame.

The method is highly convenient and it doesn’t need a lot of space. However, it’s important to be physically fit to try this method. You should have the core strength needed to lower and then lift yourself.

3.Exercise Ball

An exercise ball can come in handy if you wish to invert your body easily. Even though this method doesn’t provide you the option to invert your body entirely, it still is useful to relieve some of your body’s stress. By extending the spine over the ball, you can get rid of back pain to an extent. This ball is also helpful in increasing your core stability. So, try this method if you are looking for an inversion table alternative that’s easy to use.

4.Inversion Chair

An inversion chair is another easy option to hang upside down if you don’t have an inversion table. Like the exercise ball, an inversion chair too doesn’t offer the functionality to invert completely, but then this alternative is a boon for those who have a limited range of motion.

By sitting on this chair, you can stay inverted to around 70 degrees and avoid the unnecessary stress on hips, knees,and ankles that other methods may put on these body parts.Needless to mention, this way of inverting is perfect for those who are undergoing injury rehabilitation.

5.Yoga Trapeze

All those who are yoga enthusiasts and who love working on their core strength can benefit from inverting using a yoga trapeze. This brilliant tool doesn’t take a lot of space and can help in performing a range of inversions.

By using trapezes you will be amazed at the strength that these ribbons carry and the level of support that they provide to help you hang easily and for a long time. This alternative to inversion tables is easy to try and you can learn about it through instructional videos that are available online.

6.Headstand Stool

No matter whether you are a pro at headstand or not, a headstand stool offers a great way to invert the body. This method doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the head or neck while giving you the confidence you need to master the skill of inverting your body.Again, this simple equipment doesn’t take a lot of space and you can even find a headstand stool that can be folded to save more space.

To sum up…

There is no denying that an inversion table is an ideal tool to invert your body. In fact, this tool lets you perform different degrees of inversion. And you don’t need a partner to move from one inversion position to another.

But if an inversion table isn’t something that you can go for or if you just need to help your body adjust to inversion without investing in an inversion table at first, then the above-mentioned alternatives are great to try. All these methods can help you achieve the benefits of inversion therapy. On a more important note, irrespective of the inversion tool that you use, make sure to consult your physician before starting with the inversion therapy. Once you get the go-ahead, enjoy this amazing therapy and the benefits that it offers.