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Top 10 Creative Ideas for Baby Clothes in 2019

The baby clothes market is always changing and the trend is expected to continue in 2019. You should expect more creative design this year. Considering that there are so many sellers, it may be difficult to determine what design is trendy and what suits your baby.

Actually, it’s more challenging for new moms. Since it’s your first experience, you may not know what a good purchase is and what isn’t. But still, this doesn’t mean that it will always be easy for you just because you are not a new mom. The trends are changing, so what was in fashion two years ago may not be chic anymore.

So, instead of going with the name of the brand, you should go with the design. To help you, here are 10 creative ideas to consider this year:

1.Kimono-Style Bodysuit

Your baby needs something soft and comfortable next to its skin. This is what a kimono-style bodysuit guarantees. You don’t have to struggle to put it on since all you have to do is open the snaps and wrap your baby around it. It’s ideal for babies below 12 months.

2.Sleeveless Bodysuits

Unlike the kimono-style bodysuit which is designed for full body coverage, the sleeveless bodysuit doesn’t cover the hands and the feet. So, it’s ideal for the summer weather. The bodysuits are sold as a pack of up to 6 different colors. It’s also ideal for babies below 12 months.

3.Long Sleeve Footed Romper

You don’t have to endure the stress of a crying baby when you try to dress it before a nap. This romper is designed to be worn easily. It comes with side snaps instead of a zipper. So, there is no chance of hurting the baby. It’s ideal for babies that are 3-6 months.

4.Hooded Snowsuit

It really gets cold during the winter but you don’t have to dress your baby in several bulky clothes. Just get this baby suit and it’ll serve the purpose. It’s thickly built and stylish in appearance. It’s ideal for all ages.

5.Wearable Blanket

The traditional baby blanket may pull away when the baby is turning while sleeping. Instead of taking the risk, more so during the cold season, just slip the baby in this blanket. It’s also safe for all ages.


You probably know them as diaper covers. Bloomers come handy online for both sexes. They are cute underpants that will look well on your baby. They can be worn with bodysuits and leggings by all ages.

7.Reversible Baby Slippers

As the name suggests, these slippers are designed to be worn on both sides. So, you can always match the sides with the clothes that your baby is wearing. It’s like buying two slippers.

8.Stay-on Socks

Infants normally find it hard to have the socks on, especially when they are rolling and crawling. This is why you need to buy stay-on socks instead of the usual baby socks. Not only are they able to stay on but they are also comfortable.

9.Knotted Headband

This is ideal for baby girls who are 1-2 years. The headband comes in colorful shades and adorable patterns to give your baby a stunning look. It’s also easier to wear and stretches easily to be comfortable on your baby’s head.

10.Two-Sided Bow-Tie

Lastly, your baby boy could use a smart bow-tie. Unlike most bow-ties, this design comes two-sided and this gives you more options when it comes to pairing it with the baby’s clothes.

The above clothes ideas are likely to trend this year but this doesn’t mean that they are the only ones to shop for. You can get more creative designs on Soft Bebe. They have high-quality creative baby clothes at wholesale price. The site never disappoints.

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