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The Secret to a Straighter Beard

Straightening beards make them look stronger, prettier, and good looking. With straight beards, they are also easy to maintain because they don’t require a lot of work and time when cleaning them. Straightening beards is simple as long as you have the knowledge and the materials to do so. The only challenging part is when your beards have a lot of curls, you will have a lot of work to straighten them up. Whether you are using a comb or The Sardar Co straightener you need to be consistent to achieve satisfactory results.

Always Clean Your Beard Before You Start Cleaning

With a simple shampoo and hair conditioner, you can start cleaning your beards. You can use bar soap if you don’t have the shampoo or air conditioner but you will need to be thorough on your cleaning. Avoid rubbing vigorously because the hair might break and this will lead to ugly looking beards. Just be gentle even if you have to clean three or four times to achieve maximum cleanliness. Dry your beards with a towel after cleaning and comb it to look excellent. You can then apply the beard oil for moisture and start your blow-dry session. Apply beard balm or wax as a final touch and you will love the outcome.

Use the Beard Struggle Comb

For hard beards that curled excessively and combing has failed to straighten it, the beard struggle comb is always the best to use. First, start with a low heat combing from the top to the bottom. Don’t make a stop at any point on your face because doing so might lead to non-uniformity in the beard straightness. Even after you are done using the beard struggle comb, you can add the wax for a more advanced look. Wax is also nice in rejuvenating your hair. Condition your beard with the right products for you to have advanced beard health that you will be proud of.

Beard Balm Application

There is a reason why the beard balm was created. It has a softening and conditioning effect that makes the beard look clean, neat, and presentable all day. The beeswax provides a stronger hold that keeps the beard in one position so they remain straight for a long time without regular cleaning. Just rub it on your hand, apply on your beard and use a comb to mix it. Ensure every follicle is touched by the balm for you to get the best results.

Use a Blow Dryer

Some people normally use hands to straighten their beards. This technique is good but you cannot fully straighten all beards. You need to
make sure you have the best tools for maximum straightness. A blow dryer is one of the most effective beard straighteners that can revolutionize the aesthetic excellence of your beards. On a low heat level, make sure you do the blow dry downward so that the direction of all beards points downwards. You can apply wax based beard balm for more enhanced results and good looking beards.


There are so many ways of straightening your beards. It all depends on what you are comfortable with the degree of straightness that you wish to achieve. There is even a beard straightening iron that you can use to ensure the beards are straight. When using this, make sure to be careful so that you don’t burn the hair follicle and make the beards die. Always make sure you iron from top to the bottom so that the growth of the beard is uniform and in an orderly manner. If you don’t want to use a lot of time working on your beard, make sure to always work on them using the above tips.