Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Don’t Forget Your Pet During Covid 19

Having a pet to take care of can be a very positive experience, especially the psychological benefits they are able to offer. They provide companionship, entertainment and they educate you. Various kinds of pets that are popular are; cats, dogs, fish, reptiles such as tortoises’, birds like parakeets, and even rodents. Some of these companion animals are easy to take care of, and some require a bit more attention.

Nevertheless, they teach us valuable lessons about responsibility and selflessness. This is useful, especially during the Covid 19 crisis, many are stuck in self-isolation, and a cat or dog would help you feel less lonely.

Psychological Benefits

Experts advise on sticking to a routine to help one keep it together, especially when isolating. And for this pets enable you to stick to a routine, for a dog, time to eat is time to eat, even if you feel like slacking off, you’ll have to feed him. When you feel too lazy to venture out, you still have to take your dog for a walk. With that, you get to experience a sense of normalcy in the dog’s mundane routine. The good thing walks will help you clear your mind, thus reducing stress.

The coronavirus epidemic has changed a lot of things in our lives, and with most people working or studying from home, pets have been enjoying the presence of their owners to give them the attention they crave. Still, they have enabled us to take several moments of the day to pet them, thus helping us reduce anxiousness, stress and even depression from the current state in the world. Caring for the pet also gives us a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Pet Protection against Covid 19

Although the exact origin of the Corona Virus is yet to be established, experts say the virus is zoonotic. The general idea is, the virus originated from a bat species to humans in a Chinese animal market. Just to be sure, or until we have more information on this, it is best to ensure the safety of your pets and family.

Avoid contact with your pet, especially when sick. Do not pet, kiss or get licked, snuggle, nor sleep with your pet in the same bed. If possible, let your pet be cared for by someone else till you get better.

Interaction Restrictions

Last April, a report showed that a few cats and dogs had been infected with Covid 19 virus. This was due to close contact with their owners, who were positive with the virus. Most have fully recovered by now, but research into human to animal infection has not been fully covered. However, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in Australia recommends restricting pet interaction with human’s outdoors.

If you have a dog that has to be walked, it is best to keep him or her on a leash and maintain a distance of 2 meters from everyone. This will help reduce the risk of contracting the virus.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Another important thing you must not forget with pets is to maintain their hygiene. Consider wearing a face mask when dealing with them. Clean up your pets thoroughly to avoid spreading germs that could cause disease. Make sure to clean your hands once you are done handling them, their waste or their food.

Contact Vet Services

Lastly, it is best to call your Vet to consult on your pet’s health and the best way to handle sick pets. They can help come up with the next steps for your pet’s treatment and care. Remember, your pet needs the extra care when unwell just like you, but this needs to be done under proper conditions to ensure the spread does not spread.


Keeping companion animals with you during this period of the pandemic is advisable. Pets are integral family members and should not be separated from their owners. If you maintain their health, companion animals have a beneficial impact on human health. In the instance that your pet requires alternative care in a shelter, they should adhere to established biosafety and security measures for infectious diseases. Thus, during this period don’t forget your pet.

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