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How To Improve Your Mental Health By Overcoming Insecurities

5 signs you need for social validation is hiding insecurities. How to deal with them?

What is social validation?

Designating social validation is the intellectual effort of shaping perception aimed at producing a confirmed response. As a senior  HR manager from KangarooAssignmentHelp highlights, you may not understand this, but social validation is something you experience every time you meet someone new, especially when in college or university.

In its traditional definition, social validation is a psychological phenomenon that is defined as the adaptation of the passive individuals to the actions of the active ones. According to the psychological point of view, this is the situation of one person illustrates the behavior and other members of the group follow it (such as a group of students).

Social validation is used to determine satisfaction with intervention and has been utilized in many single-case studies within sport and exercise psychology research. In essence, social validation is a process whereby consumers in the community are engaged to provide information about the social acceptability of goals, procedures, and outcomes (or effects). In reality, social validity is most often operationalized as consumer satisfaction to validate procedures and less often to validate the significance of the goals themselves or the importance of achieved outcomes.

Different people have different thoughts, ideas, tastes, and perspectives. Validation is something that we as human beings naturally crave. We want to feel acknowledged, justified, right, or even attractive to others. For some of us, it’s just something that gives us the warm fuzzies from time to time. For others, it’s an ugly addiction that can wreak devastation on their self-esteem and everything else. But it is not easy to build real friendships, full life, and a healthy self-image if you’re always trying to please everybody.

5 signs of insecurity your need for social validation

One of the greatest challenges we face in our life is becoming comfortable in our skin. Common knowledge is that a person who is self-confident and believes in his ability can faster achieve success and goal like getting an A+ in college. Moreover, such a person will be respected by other and will serve as the example to follow. On the other hand, a person who is not enthusiastic and weak can be the “outsider” in the among other. Without special power, a person who is self-motivated and active will coordinate other and affect their actions.

It is not a secret that everyone has doubts. We cannot be self-confident always that is why we have to work in order to make such condition permanent for us. Every day we should work hard in order to improve such qualities that will make us confident in our thoughts and actions.

Here are some common signs that indicate insecurity:

1) Defensiveness

As a rule, insecure people take everything to close to heart. When they look at the mirror, they see the imperfect person, and such a fact makes them upset. At the same time, people who accept themselves the way they are know how to respond and handle criticism. Such people appreciate different pieces of advice that will help them become perfect. They are happy to be people with such character and inner world as they are. We are sure that is it rather difficult art to accept your strong and weak sides.  

2) Inability to say “no!”

People that are insecure don’t want others to think bad about them, so they are human doormats and allow themselves to be used by others. They cannot refuse and will suffer for the sake of pleasing others.

3) Self-Promoting

As it turned out people, who are self-confident try to speak about themselves always as it is their “advertisement.” A master of the life does not need to advertise himself as his talents, and features of character tell everything. The most important fact is that those people do not wait for other people motivation.

4) Unnecessary aggressive and authoritative character

They feel insecure but don’t want others to notice that, so they use every single chance to brag or put others down. They try to control you because when they are the one that dominates, they can’t be seen as inferior. Which, in turn, would upgrade their low self-esteem.

5) Gossiping

Insecure people tend to put others down to feel better about themselves. They get jealous easily and need to keep talking, although there’s nothing to be said. They can’t stand silence, as they start thinking about themselves and feeling self – conscious, so they’d rather talk about Amanda’s new haircut than allow it to happen.

How to deal with insecurities?

Insecurity is a form of fear. Insecure people will compare him/herself with others, always try to get acknowledgment from others, seeking approval from others. Such kind of people is always looking for validation. But how to deal with such a problem?
Insecurity can be the cause of the divorce. When both partners of the couple are self-confident, they construct healthy, strong, and positive energy of the relationship as they do not need motivation from other people.

Firstly, in order to overcome this barrier, much work needs to be done by yourself. You have to teach yourself how to see the disadvantages and criticise them. The beginning of security is learning to laugh at yourself, realizing that no one is perfect. Your opinions should not change to be accepted and validated by the people you’re around.

Secondly, emotional energy plays a significant role in a person`s development. People cannot live without emotional storage of energy. Moreover, we can compare such type of energy with water or air. Quality relationships have been found to be the best indicator of good health. Thirdly, self-regard is the state when someone believes that he is handsome, no matter how he looks and believes in himself during triumphs and failures. It’s about feeling good about who you are, regardless of what others might think.

So, your task is to realize that you are the main creator of your happiness and destiny because you are young and your life just starts. No people can destroy your dream, they just can motivate you. Do not let people that surround you be the barrier to your happiness and self-confidence.

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