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Rave Clothes that Last Through The Night

We demand a lot of our rave outfits. We want something to wear that’s cute, reasonably comfy, has breathable material, fits our body well, is durable enough to not break or snap or tear halfway through the night, and did we mention cute? We want to look good and we want to stay looking good for sometimes up to 12 hours if the festival is like that.

Totally reasonable, right? Some people may disagree, but those people are what we like to call, wrong. You do deserve the world from your rave outfit. And we’re here to help you get it. Here are a few things to consider when you’re looking for rave clothes that will last you all day and night.

Fabric and Stitching Quality

Most importantly, you need something that can withstand the sweat, dance, and fun that you’re putting it through. So, first and foremost, you’re going to need to pick garments that are made out of a good, solid, quality fabric. This can be tricky when looking at clothes that you want to also be made out of breathable fabrics, but those two things are not mutually exclusive. You can get a mesh bralette and a neon spandex thong that is not going to literally disintegrate the second you wash it, that just is going to take a little extra effort. 


The stitching is what holds all of the different pieces of fabric together in one cohesive garment. It’s super important to make sure your piece doesn’t have shoddy stitching going on, or your rave look could literally fall apart at the seams. If that bra looks super hot but then pops off in the middle of your favorite set, you may be caught without another option. Big yikes.

If you’re going in person to look for clothes, feel the fabrics with your fingers. Give it a light stretch test. If you’re looking online, just zoom in on the patterns and see if it lays uniformly against the model’s body. Look closely. Ask yourself, “is this something that could withstand a night of my craziest dance moves?” If the answer is yes, you found your winner!

How Does it Fit? 

Another thing to look closely at is how well does it fit my body? Many rave styles are pretty tight and bodycon (which we LOVE), but that isn’t what we’re talking about here. 

When you put your pair of shorts or crop top on, are there places where it puckers or stretches? When you put your booty shorts on, can you tell you’re putting a lot of pressure on them in the widest part of your hips? If it seems a little sketchy, you may be better off just going with the next size up to ensure the party isn’t stopped by you losing your shorts.


When we’re talking about fit, there’s also more to it than just the question of “will my clothes stay together through the night?” How the outfit you wear fits also affects how you feel in the outfit. You should under no circumstances feel like you should cover up in any way (come on, babe, this is a RAVE we’re talking about), but your clothes should fit you and lay on your body in a way you’re comfortable with.

If you’re wearing a pair of booty shorts that are the cutest thing ever but you can tell they’re too small and they’re going to ride all the way up in your butt and drive you crazy all night, is it worth it? Or are you just going to be uncomfy in the end? 

Double-checking the quality and fit of your next rave outfit will make all the difference at your next festival.