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What is the 3-Day Heroin Rapid Detox Like?

When detoxing from a drug like heroin that needs to normally take up to a week to remove itself from your body, there are numerous things to consider. Withdrawal symptoms are generally and usually painful. You experience numerous symptoms that would normally make you think that you would rather not be alive, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With a rapid 3-day heroin detoxification procedure, you can eliminate the pain that you would normally have to endure, and wake up feeling refreshed, revitalized, and would be able to focus on the primary parts of the treatment procedure that you will need in order to stay clean – the psychological addiction. However, the physical addiction would be eliminated. In this article we’ll see what a 3-Day heroin rapid detox is like.

What Happens During a 3-Day Detox?

Medical professionals sedate you using an anesthesia which can cause no more than a headache, vivid dreams, and possible nausea as side effects (as this is normal with just about any anesthesia). Once you are out, you are closely monitored to ensure that you are completely safe, and while you “sweat it out”, you don’t experience the pain or trauma that is normally caused by manual withdrawal. You won’t know that your body is rapidly withdrawing and will be able to do so in complete peace and tranquility.

At the same time, because of the use of anesthesia, your body will be able to transition into complete detoxification easier because it won’t be fighting with all of the neuron receptors in your body. After approximately 3 days, you will be given a counteractive drug to wake you up from the anesthesia. Once this is done, you will wake up knowing that you’ve successfully “kicked the habit” and not have any withdrawal side effects.

Are there risks?

There are slight risks with every procedure involving anesthesia, but when it comes to saving your life, any risk is more than well worth it. That being said, many of the risks are minor and are no different than the risks you would take by being conscious during detoxification from a drug like heroin. Heroin withdrawals alone can cause numerous problems, including health problems.

With this method, you won’t have to undergo as much pain as you would consciously endure without it. Not only this, but this is why you are closely monitored by medical professionals, probably even more-so than if you were to undergo some sort of surgery. At places like the Coleman Institute, their patients have had a near 100% detox rating to recovery ratio. Why? Because after the procedures, their patients were able to focus on what really mattered, and that was getting proper treatment for their addiction problem.

Rapid Detox vs. Ultra-Rapid Detox

Ultra-rapid detox was “taken off the market” because it proved to be no better or worse than if the patient was manually detoxing. At the same time, ultra-rapid detox showed no improvement on the successful addiction problem that a patient may have had. However, using this method of Rapid 3-Day detox, there have been many success stories.

From heroin addictions, to Oxycodone, and other harmful opioids, the side effects of this method of detoxification have been proven (and there are clinics that offer it with valid testimonials) to be successful for detoxing. After the detox process was completed, patients felt more coherent, less traumatized both physically and psychologically, the miracle cure enabled them to get the long sought-after treatment they needed in order to stay clean for longer periods of time, and some of them for the rest of their time.


There are many benefits from this form of detoxification. At most rehabilitation clinics, you have to stay to undergo an inpatient, then an outpatient treatment for your drug addiction, whereas using this form of detox, you can often go home the same day that your treatment is complete. Does this mean that you still have an addiction? Possibly, but it’s not a physical addiction. This treatment makes it easier for you to focus on your psychological problem, and you can easily admit yourself to an outpatient program to get the treatment you need. Rapid 3-day detox is the new wave of speedy recovery that can make you feel like you’ve never felt before.

If you’re scared of the health risks, you can easily contact a clinic offering this procedure and speak to a representative. Also, you can find many resources that combat all of the “negative reviews” because old-fashioned health enthusiasts don’t like the idea that something new is working, these include medical facts, as well as actual personal testimonials that can explain the process and how much better they are after treating their heroin or opioid addiction using this rapid 3-day detox method.