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Types of Cancer Treatments That are Done

When one gets affected by cancer immediate medical interference is necessary. No matter what the stage and what type of cancer it is, treatment is a must and that too from a cancer specialist.
Cancer treatment is actually the use of medications, radiations, surgery and other advanced therapies to cure the cancer as much as possible and shrink it so that there can be a halt in the progression of the disease.

In best cancer hospital in India there are different cancer treatment exist. Now it completely depends on the patient’s situation one can get treatment or a particular combination of treatment. What is the major goal of a cancer treatment? The main motto is to achieve total cure from the disease so that the person suffering from it can live a normal life span post this treatment. Though there are chances that complete cure is not possible by the treatments depending on the specific situation and the type of cancer one is suffering from. So, if a complete cure is not possible these advanced treatments can help to shrink the cancer and slow down the growth of it in the human body so that one can live without any symptoms as much time as possible.

The cancer treatments can be used as:

Primary Treatment

The major goal of this primary treatment is to completely eradicate the cancer from the body by killing all the cancer cells present in the body. There can be any cancer treatment which can be considered as the primary treatment but in most cases, it is a surgery. If the disease is particularly very sensitive to chemotherapy or radiation therapy, then one can go for a surgery. Otherwise, these can also be used as a part of the primary treatment.

Adjuvant Treatment

This one is done to kill the cancer cells present in the body which can still exist after the primary treatment is over. This actually reduces the chance of cancer to recur again. Any kind of cancer treatment can be considered as the adjuvant therapy and the common ones are hormone therapy, radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Neoadjuvant Therapy

This is also similar to that of adjuvant therapy, but this is used before the beginning of the primary treatment. This one is done so that the primary treatment becomes easier and also more effective.

Palliative Treatment

This type of treatment can help a cancer patient to get some relief from the effects of side effects that can happen from the regular cancer treatments. Radiation, surgery, chemotherapy and hormone therapy can all help to reduce those symptoms. There are some medications as well which can give one relief from shortness of breath and pain. This palliative treatment can be used at the same time when the other cancer treatments are on the process on the human body.

As it has been said earlier that there are variations of treatments available and the treatment options completely depend on what type of cancer it is, at what stage it is and what is the heath condition of the patient. The doctor and the patient both decide on the benefits and risks of the possible treatments and surgeries before going ahead with them.

Cancer treatment options include:


The main goal of this is to remove all the cancer cells (at least as much as possible) from the body.


This is used as drugs so that it can kill the cancer cells in the body.

Radiation therapy

They are some high-powered energy beams and X-ray protons that can kill the cancer cells. This radiation treatment can happen through a machine which can be placed outside the body which is known as the external beam radiation. It can also be placed inside the body and this is also known as the brachytherapy.

Bone marrow transplant

Bone marrow is something which is present inside the bones. A bone marrow transplant can also be termed as the stem cell transplants and one can also use them after taking it from a donor.

Hormone therapy

There are some cancers that can happen from the body hormones like prostate and breast cancers. Removing those hormones can cause the cancer cells stop from growing further.

But only an oncologist can decide which treatment should be done on an individual.