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Tips to Get the Most from Your Top-Rated Home Dehumidifier

Excessive humidity is a common cause of various allergies and unpleasant odors that you experience at your home or office. With the help of a dehumidifier, you can quickly reduce the excessive humidity down to normal levels in most situations. As any other tool, however, the dehumidifier requires proper usage and maintenance, otherwise most of its benefits may remain unseen. Below, you can discover how to make sure your dehumidifier gets the job done every time.

How to Make the Most of Your Dehumidifier

You’ve been using your dehumidifier heavily, but it feels like you’ve yet to see any results. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t throw your device out just yet. With the help of a few tricks which can be found , you can you tap into your dehumidifier’s hidden potential and maximize its efficiency. Here’s how:

Clean the room before using it – By eradicating the favorable environment for the dust to accumulate and the fungus to grow, dehumidifiers make cleaning less critical. This doesn’t mean they operate optimally in dirty areas, though. Dust particles and fungus spores can quickly clog the dehumidifier’s coils making it hard for the device to function properly. Clean the room from any dust or fungus before you use the dehumidifier and watch your device work much better.

  • Position it right – To maximize the amount of moisture your dehumidifier can remove from the air, you must position it correctly. Make sure that you place it in the center of the room with nothing surrounding it and impeding its work.
  • Maintain the device regularly – Your dehumidifier needs regular maintenance to work properly. Make sure you monitor how fast its bucket fills up with water and empty it before it’s full. And make the effort to clean the dust and fungus that gather on your dehumidifier’s coils with time. Neither of these will take up a lot of time but will help your dehumidifier work with ease.
  • Use it in the right conditions – Dehumidifiers are most effective when you use them at warm temperatures and in the rooms with doors and windows shut.
  • Avoid using it in vain – There’s little your dehumidifier can do if your doors and windows have gaps that let humidity in as a result. If you live in an area with constantly elevated relative humidity, make sure to seal your house from it first.
  • Use the right humidity settings – For best results, keep your dehumidifier’s humidity settings in the range between 40% and 50% relative humidity (RH). Using settings higher than 60% RH may give the mold or mildew a solid chance to occur. At the same time, using settings below 30% RH is seldom necessary, unless you’re protecting expensive items vulnerable to humidity.

Unleash Your Dehumidifier’s Potential

The above tips allow you to ensure that your dehumidifier is working at its full capacity. Sticking with them will help you make the most of your dehumidifier without breaking a sweat.