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Should You Sell or Donate Your Stuff?

When someone needs a little bit of cash, selling your old stuff for a bit of money is the easiest way to go. This way you can monetize your valuables.

Every time you reorganize your cupboard you manage to put out a bunch of clothes which you bought for a lot of money but did not use as much. So, instead of throwing away the clothes you have just worn a few times, you can take a more environmentally friendly approach by selling or donating those clothes.

By environmental harm, we mean that the clothes we dispose of end up in the landfills and where they decompose to release toxic gases that harm the environment.

Read ahead, to decide whether you should sell or donate those clothes and how you can do that.

Are your clothes worth the selling effort?

When deciding whether you should sell or donate your clothes, the decision comes down to the efforts you want to make to get rid of the clothes.

Selling stuff takes time and your clothes have to be in really good condition to be sold or else why would anybody buy it?

Selling clothes will help you gain back some of the cash that you spent on the shopping spree, and you can use those extra pounds in either another shopping spree or save up for the vacation you have been planning for so long.

However, selling the stuff will require time energy and effort from your side. You will have to hold sales or convince people to buy your clothes and bargain with them on the prices. So before you jump on the money factor think again!

How can you get cash for clothes?

Now that you have decided that you want cash for clothes let us discuss how you can do that.

  • Quick Cash For Clothes: This Company offers to buy your old clothes. You can even call someone from the company to come and pick up your pile of clothes from your house. Can anything be any easier?
  • Yard sale: Are you not completely satisfied with someone else doing the job for you? Then you can arrange a yard sale in which you can invite neighbours and friends who would like to buy your clothes. It is tiresome, but the thought of those extra few pounds will keep you going.

How to donate those clothes?

Well if you do not want to sell those clothes and donate them to someone who can use them after you. That is a wonderful gesture, however before you do that be sure to consider these things

  • Donate to Retailers

Like those of H&M and other big brands have now started accepting donated clothes. Those donated clothes are then sold at a lesser price, and the money will go to a non-profit organization that can use the money for doing good for the less-privileged. Also, when you donate clothes, you can avail a discount on your next purchase

  • Donate to Local Charities/shelters

Are there lots of local charities and shelters that help people in need of clothes? The clothes you donate can be a great help to them, and they would make good use of the clothes you give them. Do your research and find the best charity in your area, be ensured about the authenticity of their work.

When you donate some of your belongings to someone, you will feel peaceful and serene. That feeling in itself is so heart-warming that you can’t get over it. Also minimalizing by donating will make you generous, and you will start to understand the meaning of happiness in small things.

So hopefully by now, you would be able to decide to sell or to donate the clothes you want to de-clutter yourself from.