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How to Start Working on Exterior Basement Waterproofing?

Ever thought how the basements get into trouble? What are the factors behind their damaged surface? Maybe it’s water coming either from outside or inside. Keep in mind that if water comes from outside, it is a major culprit than any other element involved. It’s the exterior wet basement that makes everything unpleasant and doesn’t seem to appear attractive to the buyers. Yes, ignorance to this small and simple problem can cost a lot of dollars in terms of reduced home value. So, what homeowners should do is to keep an eye over wet basements and follow these simple exterior basement waterproofing techniques to enjoy benefits in the long run.


Downspouts and gutters are one of the major parts of home’s drain system. They are responsible to adhere to basement waterproofing plan, consisting of the following tasks:

  • Clean gutters: Cleaning frequency depends upon the maturity of foliage around the home. If a home is having 100-year old trees on the top, it’s necessary for the inhabitants to perform heavy cleaning at least twice in a year. However, if the home is present in a newer subdivision, there is no need to worry about trees reaching the roof line. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned at least once a year including loose asphalt sediment eroding from the shingles. There are different methods to clean gutters of which, power washers turn out to be the most reliable ones. All homeowners have to do is to bust them out. Or else, they can employ a garden shovel and ladder to do the trick. Just be sure to take all precautionary measures before starting work.
  • Gutters should be properly pitched: While working on basement waterproofing, it’s necessary to check if the gutters are pitched or clogged. It causes water to flow away or accumulate from downspouts, thereby restricting them to fall over the edges rather than to simply go anywhere they want. Practically, water should fall into the gutters but if it doesn’t, then it may start to fall at the home’s foundation, causing water to find its way into the basement. This will also lead to foundation issues over time, warns So, when homeowners suspect that their gutters are inadequately sized or pitched, it’s essential to inspect them during heavy rainfall in order to be certain about appropriate solution or techniques.
  • Down spot & their extensions: After making sure that downspouts are performing well, there is no reason of getting sloppy on them. Also, take care of their extensions that include automatic versions, flexible tubing (usually in green or brown) or extra downspout that work incredibly well during retract and rain.

Landscape Grading

When it comes to landscape grading, homeowners should understand the importance of everything in home’s surrounding in order to successfully perform basement waterproofing Toronto. For this, they should look at the following aspects:

  • Grass/Mulch/Dirt: Although it looks simple, it still needs care and attention. The trick is to make sure that the grading around the foundation is fixed properly. While in case of adding new mulch, be sure to add more quantity towards the home and less away from it so as to create a gently slope to bring water away. Remember that the slope doesn’t need to be dramatic, it just has to be enough to flow water away from the home’s foundation naturally.
  • Asphalt/Concrete: When installed, asphalt and concrete settle in the wrong direction. Their pitch is usually towards the foundation, thereby causing the need to do something for basement waterproofing. So, to fix this problem, there are many methods to get the job done. Asphalt is among those elements that are easily repairable than concrete. So, a home with asphalt would find it easier to treat the problem. But, in case of concrete, it’s necessary to know mud-jacking. If homeowners don’t have experience to handle it, they should hire professionals who have all skills and knowledge to use it properly.

After following these tips and tricks, homeowners are in a better position to decide about their basement waterproofing. This doesn’t only help them in treating leakage, seepage or other problems but also benefit in the long run.

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