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Fun and Meaningful Birthday Gift Ideas

For whatever reason, birthdays are known to be that one time of the year when everyone can feel extra special. You have an extra nice meal, blow candles, eat cake, receive presents, or if you are on the wilder side, you spend all night partying. These traditional ways of celebrating could get repetitive, but every person has a different way of celebrating their special day. Every year is a chance to do something worth remembering for someone close to you, and to do that, you must step up and break the pattern of usual niceties! 

Scratch that plan of lighting up their birthday cake to bring to them at midnight while singing the birthday song. We have a better idea than that! If you and your friend, family, or lover are big fans of surprises and fun things, then read on because we listed down five fun and memorable birthday gift ideas (whether tangible or intangible) that will surely surprise the birthday boy and the birthday girl! 

1. Birthday Prank Calls

This is perfect, especially if the birthday celebrant is an easy-going and fun person themself. Birthday prank calls are so fun because you could control an elaborate prank without being caught! All you need to do is just install a prank call app on your phone, and you will know exactly what to do with its convenient interface. Our favorite out of all the prank calling apps is Ownage Pranks’. Why? Because they are so much fun! You can choose from a wide selection of ingeniously-written premade scripts of pranks that are going to be performed by professional actors playing roles from Ownage Pranks’ diverse selection of available characters. All you need to do is give the celebrant’s number and listen as the pranking commences. Plus, the prank call is recorded for you to keep and look back for the next birthdays to come. However, if you think they are too sensitive to handle something as epic as this, then you might want to go easy on the pranks. You know them best! And besides, the main goal is to make their day better and not worse. 

2. Friendship Coupons

This is perfect if you want something last minute and low-cost. All you need to do is print/ make handwritten coupons valid for the next three months, six months, or even the entire year. This is totally up to you! Put special services that you are genuinely willing to do for them within a chosen time frame like lending them a dress, cleaning the living room for them, giving a hand massage – and so on! It can be as personal as it can get because you know the birthday celebrant better than we do. Just make sure to REALLY do these once they avail of these coupons. Because otherwise, what’s the point of giving your loved one cheap pieces of paper?

3. A scrapbook with inside jokes about them.

It is as simple as it sounds. You get materials from a stationery shop, let your creativity lead you as you write all the inside jokes you had in the years you spent time with this person. You can add pictures and comments relating to your inside jokes. Did you and your friends have a special nickname for them? What are their hilariously embarrassing moments? Put that down! Not only is this present too personal, but it is also one of the sweetest and most thoughtful things you could give anyone. This only idea only applies when you already established a considerable amount of bond with them. 

4. A surprise box filled with their favorite things. 

Like the previous number, this one requires a bond strong enough that already lasted for years. Did they like that jellybean at a particular candy store? How about that mixtape they used to play so much they’ve memorized every lyric and every beat? Gather all these things that they like (or love) and put them inside a box that you have the freedom to decorate if you want to. This may not give the most laughs that will make their stomach hurt, but this will surely make them nostalgic about all the fun memories they had in the past.

5. A self-portrait (or a collection of) them in aesthetically eccentric backgrounds. 

If you are into photo editing or design, you might have fun editing the celebrant’s photos elsewhere. In the jungle, in a fictional universe, or even in the Hunger Games universe! The only limit here is your imagination! Think about making them a harmless meme that you can post on your social media accounts or even pint and put into a frame. If you are feeling extra and have lots of time, consider editing a video of them to put funny music in the background. This will surely make them smile and laugh out loud! 

These are five birthday gift ideas that you can give your loved ones. Presents do not need to always be tangible, sometimes you can give them unforgettable memories that they will look back and smile or laugh at in the future. This will make them feel treasured and worthy of your thoughts. 

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