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Comfort Must-Haves For Staying Indoors

How much has your wardrobe changed this year? With so many of us working from home and no need to dress up for meetings or formal events, there has been a silent rise of comfy clothes becoming wardrobe mainstays.

If you can’t go a day now without putting on some joggers or wouldn’t even think about getting out of bed without some comfy new socks, then you’re going to love some of these comfort must-haves that can be delivered directly to your door. We’ll be looking at unisex options, so there’s a little something for everyone.

Tie-Dye Joggers

With all the craziness going on in the world, it seems only right that tie-dye is back in fashion. And while you’ll not turn into a hippy and start doing peace signs everyone you go, you will be looking uber-trendy while sitting on the couch.

Tie-dye joggers are obviously going to be your new favourite item to whip on when you want to chill out and binge on Netflix, but if you are brave enough to pull off tie-dye shorts, tees, hoodies or even a hat this season, go for it. There’s even tie-dye underwear in style right now, speaking of which…


Are you the kind of person who will always buy a multipack of boxers because you want a good deal on some new underwear? It’s time to make the change and get yourself some custom made boxers. Now I’m not talking about the designer names where the price of one pair seems astronomical for a little bit of fabric covering your delicates, but there are now (as with everything) stores online which specialise in premium products without the premium price tags.

One such example is UK based Bawbags (get it?) which creates custom prints and designs for new boxers every few weeks so you can choose from fresh pairs with even fresher designs. I’m mentioning this brand in particular as they’re also one of the only ones to develop womens boxers shorts, which are surprisingly comfy. If buying underwear is confusing to you, make sure you check out the Complete Guide to Men’s Underwear on the blog.


There is one truth in this world when it comes to dresses; more of them need pockets! But there is another truth when it comes to dresses and one-pieces that women can easily pull off: men are secretly jealous.

The romper thoroughly flips that logic on its head with a unisex one-piece that anyone who wants to feel super comfortable but look trendy at a moment’s notice can pull off. Rompers are ideal when you’re hosting garden parties or family events at home and want that perfect balance between looking the part and having something you can easily lounge about in.


Are you finding it uncomfortable or irritating to wear face masks all the time? Make it easier and more comfortable by having your own snood. Wear it like a scarf, and you’ll be able to pull it up and down without a problem at all. If you start wearing it as an accessory every day, you’ll never be in the position of kicking you when you get to the shop after once again forgetting your mask.

The Wire-Free Bra

It’s a little crazy to think that even in 2020 there is such a thing as a breakthrough in “bra technology”, but that’s what the recent explosion in demand for wire-free bras has seen. They’re ideal for many ladies now working from home, and with more brands using stretch foam, they’re now much more comfortable and flattering than older wire-free bras used to be.

If you’d like to know more, read our recent guide to wire-free bras here.

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