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The Top 10 Most Beautiful and Unique Engagement Rings

Want to look that your partners hand more attractive and beautiful when it’s your engagement night. So why not try out the following unique engagement rings that will make your engagement ceremony more memorable:

0.70 Carat Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring:

0.70 Carat Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring is constructed by the renowned jeweler James Allen and is said to be the perfect gift for your life partner. The Round cut of the diamond has a Halo impact in it is just perfect to increase the beauty of the loved one hand and make your event a memorable one.

Milgrain Marquise Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

It is said that if women want to mix tradition and modernism styles in her engagement ceremony, so she prefers to wear this amazing ring from the Blue Nile.

Moreover, this ring is a mixture of blue sapphires, petite diamonds and 14k white gold having a diamond framed in the center. The tiny details of the ring give it a unique attractive look that will appeal you to buy it at any cost.

14k White Gold Danhov Per Lei Halo Three Stone Engagement Ring

The Three Stone Engagement Ring is unique as it shows the commitment to be with your partner forever i.e. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Each stone embed in it plays a vital role in depicting the life you both will get in the future.

Fish Tail Pave with Truth Head:

Brain Gavin is the jewelers that are known as the master cutters of a diamond. Cutting Diamond into Fish Tail Pave is their unique feature. This ring is beautifully crafted on a set of bands so that it will look perfect for your wedding.

White Gold Pave Halo Diamond Engagement Ring:

So, looking for a perfect shine Engagement Ring and your stop for it is James Allan then this ring will fit for you. White Gold Pave Halo Diamond Engagement Ring has a cushion cut diamond set in it that reflects the light and is incredibly set with some small diamonds in it. The diamond consists of unique cut that surrounds and reflect the light perfectly from it.

Morganite and Diamond Halo Cushion Ring in 14k Rose Gold

If you are looking for some of the modern engagement ring designs, then the Blue Nile is providing you some unique design having Morganite in it. This Morganite stone shines perfectly in the 14K rose gold and will fit for your wedding.

18k White Gold Tacori Flat Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

Whiteflash brings the most unique Tacori Design in the range of rings having a chic solitaire style that is adored by most of the people. Moreover, it is hand-graved with the flat-edged white gold band that adds a spark of mystery to the magnificent ring. This ring stand in between both that is due to a unique design in tradition as well as in modern style.

0.71 Carat Princess Cut Channel Set Engagement Ring Platinum

James Allan jeweler is mostly known for expressing the women style in love. This ring consists of a Princess cut Diamond in it which is uniquely crafted. This ring will encourage your way in future having numerous commitment and other things.

Blue Nile Studio Cambridge Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

As the Blue Nile stands unique in the jewel industry producing unique designs. The Blue Nile produces the Cambridge Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum. Having a unique round cut diamond engraved in platinum reflecting the maximum amount of light from it.

0.91 Carat Emerald Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring in 18k Gold:

Simplicity has its own uniqueness, so James Allan produces this unique emerald cut design ring for your loved one. This ring consists of 18k gold with the Emerald cut Diamond.