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Homesofsilvercrest – Premier Builder of Custom and Small Laneway Homes in Vancouver

Silvercrest Homes happen to be the initiator of laneway homes in British Colombia, Canada. Laneway homes provide you leverage to meet your needs while preserving your lovely neighborhood. All homes designed by Silver Crust Homes are custom made according to the demand and needs. With the experience they got by building numerous laneway homes they manage to provide their clients with budget friendly homes, built on time without any awaited surprises.

Silvercrest Homes is a name of innovation and sustainability. They provide innovative solutions to customers for their design problems. They assist their customers to get more space out of their small laneway houses. This makes them the best Laneway house builder in the construction industry.


Their professional and diligent team is the main reason they are ruling the hearts of people with their services. They are as keen as mustard to meet all of the customer’s preferences and expectations regarding the design of laneway houses.


Silver Crest Homes Philosophy makes it unique, distinctive and quirky from other laneway house builders. They design every small laneway house by applying their philosophy to its pith or nucleus. As an integral part of their philosophy, they feel solely responsible to guide every single customer about their process of designing and building flexible spaces that suits the modern lifestyle in Vancouver.

Lane Activation

Silver Crest Homes is doing its best to give rise to a laneway culture by stumping up the outward living, plantings at the doorstep and building a sense of privacy along the lane.

Save Energy

Their designs make sure that you will consume less energy during the daytime. They optimize the window locations that bring more sunlight to your house which in turn reduces your power consumption.


Our Artists

Silvercrest Homes has a team of architects and crafts people who help them build the homes of your dreams. They believe in pride of homeowners of our community. Every lane home highlights the unique work of their artisans. You can get more inspiration of designing your house and bedrooms here.


From creating a concept to making it real, Silver Crest Homes handles every minute details and manage their projects thoroughly.

  • Survey & Designing: They visit the site location for survey, create floor plan designs considering the objectives and provide on-site consultation.
  • City Approval & Interior Designing: The team creates a complete interior design making sure every detail of the home is planned, form an application for municipal permits and create a list to price the total cost of this project in the next step
  • Budget Preparation: An estimated price of the project is given, by consulting it with several suppliers and essential sub-trades.
  • Budget Meeting & Break Ground: A meeting is held with client to discuss fixed budget in detail. If the clients approve the budget construction phase commence.
  • Construction: This step includes everything related to the construction and final look. If the home is passed for occupancy after construction, warranty phase starts. You can move in the house at this step

Silvercrest Homes really does the magic in creating the laneway house that suits your needs best.