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Looking For Afghan Rugs In UK? Check This Authentic Rugs Website Out

Nothing else adds to a person’s unique style and personality quite like the addition of a rug or carpet to their home. Rugs and carpets have the ability to grab someone’s attention, the moment they arrive in a room. Afghan rugs bring a more original style unlike any other rug in the world. In fact, the rugs are a symbol of the country’s rich culture and tradition. Afghan rugs tend to take own the identity of a various number of different tribes in the region, yet somehow these rugs still maintain a certain number of characteristics that bind them all together. Afghan rugs in the UK have developed a certain fashionable taste. Afghan rugs in the UK have acquired a unique trend among the British, and have become very high in demand.


The traditional Afghan rug is unlike no other rug or carpet in the region. The handwoven rugs take on a vast amount of different characteristics, compared to other countries in the region that includes, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and India. They also tend to take on certain characteristics of the different tribes and ethnic groups of their own country. The various rugs tend to differ in certain dyes that are found throughout the vast region, as well as how certain tribes tend to differ in their own unique style of weaving techniques. The Pashtuns are the largest tribe in Afghanistan, but that doesn’t mean they dominate the Afghan rug market. Other tribes such as the Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, and Aimaq also offer the world numerous amounts of high-quality Afghan rugs, in which they also are an overwhelming demand for. However, it seems the UK has become the front-runners in this world race to acquire such elegant rugs and carpets. The Afghan rug has Brits everywhere looking to add these conversational floor coverings to the beauty of their homes.


Throughout the ancient empires that once expanded their kingdoms, various armies and civilizations would pass through the Afghan mountains in their attempts to conquer more valuable land. Such empires as the Romans, Persians, and Greeks, as well as the Ancient British empire, would all come to terms with the Afghan Rugs and Carpets. However, modern society has had a dramatic effect on exposing these rugs and carpets to the world like never before in history. With the Soviet and Afghan war of the 1980s, as well as the Afghan and American war of the first of this century, the Afghan rug has become more popular than ever. As the UK allied with the Americans, such a knack for these unique Afghan rugs and carpets would find their way back to the exquisite taste of the UK.

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