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The Benefits of Using Instagram for Your Business

Instagram has over 500 million users on its platform every day. As you will note, most prominent business brands in the world have an Instagram account. As such, if you want your firm to prosper, you must consider getting yourself an active Instagram account.

Well, most people think that Instagram oils all about posting some cool photos. They’re wrong. As some businesses have demonstrated, there are different ways in which your business can generate sales through the platform. All you need to do is increase the size of your followers through
Well, if you’re wondering what Instagram can do to your account, don’t worry. We’re here to discuss some crucial benefits of this platform to your business.

  • Instagram Users Have an App to Make Purchases Online

    Instagram Users Have an App to Make Purchases Online

At least a third of all Instagram users will have an application that facilitates online purchases and payments.

As a business, your main target is sales. It’s the only reason why you’re marketing the firm. Without sales, your business is as good as dead.

However, don’t just make a blind investment. You need to be certain that the investment you make will yield returns. Well, how does Instagram come in?

Well, at least a third of all users on Instagram have an app to make purchases. As such, they’re 70 percent likely to purchase something online than non-Instagram users.

But Instagram has over 800 million active followers on the platform. At least 266,000,000 users have used the platform to make purchases.

Just make your brand known out there. There are different people out there waiting to interact with your brand.

  • Better Social Media Targeting Options

    Better Social Media Targeting Options

Well, you’ve seen the number of people available online on any given day. Also, you’ve seen the number that’s likely to buy from you daily.

So, how do you take this data to your advantage?

Well, Instagram has some of the best retargeting tips that other social media platforms don’t have.
Retargeting involves reaching out to people who’ve had a chance to interact with your product. Such people may already be warm about the product you’re selling.

With these options, you are able to customize the platform to meet your diverse market.

  • Ease of Tracking Your Sales

    Ease of Tracking Your Sales

Well, to some it may see, obvious that Instagram allows you to track your sales. Well, you’ll be surprised to realize the number of platforms that companies invest in and which don’t allow them to gauge the returns they make.

With this platform, you can see anything from people who clicked your links. The clicks that resulted in a purchase and the costs you incur for every campaign you run.

As such, you can measure the output you get from your target goal or objectives.

In addition, you’ll be able to break down your analysis. You can see where your sales came from in terms of age and gender.Amazing! Right?

With this information, you can determine whether you’ve invested your resources wisely.