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Top 6 Fields of Specialization in Education

Teachers influence and significantly impact their students’ lives and careers. On average, teachers teach over 3000 students during their careers. They are responsible for delivering lectures, imparting knowledge, and teaching students the life skills necessary for success. According to surveys conducted by market research companies, teaching is rated as the topmost prestigious career. 

The first step in becoming one is earning a relevant degree in education. Traditional teachers have plenty of specialization options, including teaching, student counseling, and administration. Each degree in education offers its own practical, professional, and educational benefits.

We have listed a few of the most rewarding and exciting careers in education; let’s explore them in detail. 

Elementary Education

Teachers at the elementary level are trained to mold young minds. They typically work with grades 1 to 4, but some states also include pre-kindergarten and 6th grade in elementary education. Though a bachelor’s degree in elementary education is sufficient to land a role in a school, a Master’s in Elementary Education can prepare one to be more competitive, allow them to advance in their career, and earn more.

Most elementary school teachers teach multiple subjects in the same classroom and expand their teamwork and projects skills. They help the students in their social and intellectual development. Therefore, you need several skills to become an effective elementary school teacher like compassion, emotional control, patience, and the ability to manage the individual needs and problems of the students. 

Early Childhood Special Education

If you are passionate about working with children with special needs, this field is for you. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a career in special education provides one of the highest-paying jobs. 

Most of their students are toddlers and teens with emotional, mental, physical disabilities that affect their learning. 

Since disabilities among students differ, special education teachers deal with their students individually and in special resource classes. Their major duties include assisting the students in academic work and teaching them problem-solving, communication and social skills. 

Working for special needs students can be a worthwhile long-term career option as the demand for special education teachers is growing. 

English as a Second Language

The specialization of English as a second language (ESL) is an interesting field, profitable for those who like to travel worldwide and work with non-native English speakers. These teachers can work in public or private schools, language teaching institutes, or remotely. 

ESL instructors help students learn English who do not speak the language natively. They help students adjust to a foreign environment and culture. 

Since English is one of the most spoken languages worldwide, there is a high demand for learning English as a second language. As a result, ESL educators are quite popular and frequently in demand as a profession.

Education Administration

A career in educational administration plays a crucial role in student education and in the effective leadership of a school, just as teaching does. Across all professions, it shows a growth of 8% from 2020 to 2030. 

These are the educational system leaders, such as a school principal, superintendent, and director of admissions, preschool director, or dean of a private school. Their higher positions reflect challenging and demanding responsibilities. Some duties include administrative work and daily operations, including stand-alone planning programs, disciplinary actions, and event planning.


Becoming a librarian is another lucrative career. If you are interested in working in an educational setting but do not want to be a teacher or attend lectures all day, you can consider a career as a librarian. These professionals are responsible for keeping the resources current, managing the staff and the storage, organizing the informational resources and records, and helping students and teachers conduct research. In some states, you might need a teaching license in addition to the master’s degree to meet the requirements.

School Counseling

It is a fun, exciting, and challenging career, but can also be very demanding at times. School counselors, however, have a high job satisfaction rate with low stress levels, flexibility, and mobility. If you enjoy advising and helping students, this career is perfect for you. 

School counselors provide support to students academically and emotionally, mentally, and socially. Their main responsibilities include helping them reach their full potential inside and outside the school. Working in an educational setting, they will take the time to listen to students’ problems and concerns and create development plans for them.

Final Words

Each degree of specialization in education offers a variety of benefits for personal and professional advancement. These specialized careers broaden your foundational knowledge and prepare you to make a greater impact on the minds of children, youngsters, and adults. 

When pursuing a career in education, specialization allows individuals to choose a career in which they are more comfortable. Moreover, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, these education careers rank the highest paying jobs. The site claims 10% growth from 2020 to 2030 in education, training, and library occupations. Thus, specialization in education can guarantee you a secure future.