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3 Sterling Silver Pieces Every Jewelry Box Should Have

These three quintessential sterling silver pieces should be in every fashion-conscious woman’s jewelry box. Each piece will add flair to your wardrobe. The versatility of the jewelry trio enables you to highlight your original personality.

Chunky Statement Ring

Chunky sterling silver statement rings bring attention to your hand in such a pretty way. Typically, you’ll find this style ring to be at least 1/2 inches wide, and wider sizes are available. For example, it’s also common to find chunky rings to be 7/8 inches wide.

The ring face design reflects the designer’s goal for the piece. There are simple chunky statement ring designs such as one with a hammered cuff style with sculpted edges. Other designs may be more complex and feature whimsical animal themes or motifs based on what’s found in nature. Chunky statement rings can be worn alone on a hand or with smaller rings on other fingers on the same hand. Statement rings come in many designs to match your carefree mood.

Chunky statement rings add sophistication to jeans and tee-shirt outfits. The rings also combine especially well with casual dresses and pantsuits.

Bar or Circle Pendant

Sometimes, you may want to wear more than a chain necklace, but something less formal than an elaborate, diamond necklace. The fastest way to dress up casual wear is by putting on a beautiful bar or circle pendant.

Sterling silver necklaces with these types of designs are simple, yet classic and perfect for everyday activities. Pendant styles complement tees, silk articles of clothing, casual dresses, and business attire. Bar pendants are super trendy right now for minimalist looks and are a great choice for gifts because they can be personalized with engraving or other embellishment.

Bold Cuff Bracelet

Sterling silver bold cuff bracelets are meant to be seen. The cuff style is easy to slip on the wrist. Once you put one on, the impact brings casual wear up a notch to an elegant level of style! Popular designs include etching patterns, large stone insets, and other themes that reflect the designer’s goals for the piece. When you wear a bold cuff bracelet, you can add even more charisma by donning a coordinating bold statement ring.

The slip-on feature of cuff bracelets allows anyone to wear them without having to have the piece resized. Wear the cuff bracelet with your casual, everyday wear.

About Quality Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver is a precious metal so you won’t have to worry about the material going out of style. And since silver is a neutral hue, it will go well with any color clothing you love to wear.

High-quality sterling silver jewelry pieces are stamped with the “.925” sterling silver weight stamp. The remaining percentage is usually copper. If you don’t see the stamp, it just means that the piece contains less than “.925” sterling silver by weight.

Sterling silver makes the perfect gift for females of all ages. Graduations, teen birthdays, grandparents, mothers, aunts, uncles, and friends all love sterling silver.

Go ahead and freshen up your jewelry box with these chunky statement rings, bar or circle pendants, and bold cuff bracelets. Once you do, you’ll be inspired to wear them on every occasion. Afterward, you’ll want to buy sterling silver pieces for those you care about so they can experience the same joy that you do.

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