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Risks of Breast Implants and How to Minimise Them

Women get breast implants for many reasons, both aesthetic and non-aesthetic. The aesthetic reasons are obvious: beautiful breasts tend to attract better men and improve women’s self-confidence and body image. Breast implants are also used to correct uneven breasts and other abnormalities that form due to genes or aging.

Everything that has benefits also has its demerits. Thus, along with the many positives of breast augmentation, there are many risks involved. In this article, we discuss some of these things and how you can reduce the chance of these negatively affecting your life.


As breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, there are many things that can go wrong. For example, the implant may rupture and lead to a deadly infection. Inserting a foreign object within your body means that there is always a chance that your body reacts negatively to the foreign object. In this unfortunate case, the implant can cause you a lot pain.

There is the possibility of revision surgery. In simple words, a breast implant can cost you and your health immensely. To minimize the chance of any health complication, it is recommended that you choose certified Chicago Breast Augmentation Surgeons that have had a good deal of experience in the field.


Breast implanting can have many negative effects on the skin on the breasts. First of all, the scar that appears during the insertion of the implant stays a long time after the surgery. This scar may be sensitive to catching infection, not to mention that it looks unsightly.

Also, many women complain of skin wrinkling right above the implant. This may be one of the body’s reaction: it has no serious health effects but if persistent, your best choice is to get it checked. There also have been instances of changes in sensation i.e. the skin of the breast loses its sensation and feeling. This may also affect the nipple. Regular visits to and open communication with your doctor are the keys to preventing any skin problems from occurring.


As implants are available in different shapes and sized, women can choose the exact shape of their breasts after the implant has been added. In most cases, the expected results are achieved. However, there is always the chance that wrong positioning of the implant may give you a weird-looking, bumpy breast. The chances of this happening nullifies the whole purpose of getting a breast implant.

Clarifying what shape you are looking for and running simulations can be the solution to this. Most certified doctors are not likely to make such a mistake. Yet, one cannot ignore the chances of such a mishap occurring. Visiting professional, qualified Chicago Breast Implant Surgeons once again seems to be the solution. Look for solid credentials and only visit surgeons who are legitimate without the shadow of a doubt.