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Best Must-Have Smart Home Gadgets in 2019

Smart living has become something that everyone wants and people infusing their homes with technologies in order to make living more pleasant. Technology brings endless opportunities that can be used for many different things.There are devices used everywhere and we do not even notice.

Now we can see smart technology in sports such as football, tracking the performances of athletes competing for the NFL MVP award, Formula 1 stats. Alsoin schools, at work, and in your home. Smart home devices are improving day by day as they receive constant upgrades and innovations to make your home more efficient and pleasant place to live in.

In this article, we will go through some of the best home devices to make your home smart.

Google Nest Hub

This is a personal voice assistant display that can help you guide you through recipes on cooking websites, access home cameras, video doorbells, alarms and much more. Basically, it is like the personal assistant from Amazon “Alexa” but with a display, which makes the process much easier as you can see and browse visuals about requested actions.

Smart Plug TP-Link Kasa Mini

We often do not pay attention to power plugs around the house and do not consider an upgrade just because they are doing basic functions. However, upgrading your home with smart plugs can bring you a lot of benefits. The TP-Link Kasa mini is single outlet plug and offers WiFI connection that can be connected to your network. It comes with an application that can be programmed to do many different functions such as scheduling, turning it off, location tracker and etc. It can also be connected to Alexa or Google Assistant for easier access.

Smart Philips Hue LED Lights

Nobody thought that smart technologies would come to our lights at home. Philips offers a wide range of smart lights under their Hue line and they can be accessed through Alexa or Google Assistant, remotely turn on or off, as well as offering power saving options. These are perfect for making your home smart.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Controlling your home heating and air conditioning systems is a big part of every living. With the use of this simple device you can lower your costs as well as keep optimal temperature in your home every time.

This device includes a remote temperature sensor and thermostat. The thermostat reads the temperature in the ambient and compares it to the temperature in the room that you’ve put your extra temperature sensor. With this function you will get more equal temperatures in each room. It is also voice-controlled and supports Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

The other great thing is that this thermostat is also a speaker. It might not offer the best audio quality but it is always good to be used for two different things.

Arlo Pro 2

This is a clever security camera system that has an interesting design and it is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Arlo can be connected to the internet and they provide 7 days footage cloud storage for free. They are waterproof and can be powered by cable or by batteries that come in the box for up to six months.

Obviously, you can view the footage on every smart device and it offers Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility in order to make everything easier.


While we are on the subject of safety and security, if you want the full security system to protect your entire home, SimpliSafe is up for the job. Basically it is a package of different things such as motion sensor, a keypad, base station, and open/close sensor. It also has the ability to be optimized to detect smoke or glass-break.

This system is perfect for securing your home and does not require any additional contract in order to use it as most of the security systems.

These are some of the best smart gadgets for your home. This industry is booming at the moment and consumers will spend over $120 billion on IoT gear until 2021.So, we are going to see many more new innovative solutions for improving home living.