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Comparium : Automated Website Testing Tool

Today, several browsers offer various services & products on online platforms. By this, the world is getting closer by selling services & products online. It has become very important for businesses to have websites to sell their products as the world is becoming a global village.

If you’re a business person who has an online platform & is looking to ensure that the website runs accurately on different platforms such as mobile, laptop, tablet, etc., you shall also need a website to check the efficiency.

Merely creating a website to sell products would not help you. If your website just good & products & services are best but the website creates issues while running, users shall get bored to keep refreshing the webpage & finally leave & buy products on different websites.

To not let this happen, Comparium is a website that is very simple to use and shows errors as to where and how your website is lacking. By this, users can improve the performance of their website and efficiently market their products and services online. Comparium Tool has many features like offline reports by email, screenshot web testing, support for various browser platform and many more.

Features of Comparium

Supports different browsers and platform

Currently, there are various browsers and versions which reach potential customers to search for their services and products. With the use of Comparium, businesses can use the tool provided to submit the site and a particular platform to market the product or service. This will then reach the target audience. In this manner, one can explore the preferences of the site and try to make their website compatible with all browsers used by people.

Multiple operating systems can be explored

This feature of Comparium helps to head the target audience who use different gadgets with multiple operating systems. The website works without any inconvenience on different portals and users can work smoothly.

Works offline

The Internet is not required while the tool is working. Also, one does not require sitting in front of a computer to check for errors.Comparium works easily office and sends a screenshot of areas on the email address and hence a user can later make corrections to their website.

The benefit of using Comparium Tool

The best advantage of using Comparium is that it’s completely free of cost and easy to use. Users can check unlimited websites on Comparium as there is no restriction such as one user, one check. Also, the user just needs to paste the URL and select the operating system and the browser for their website on Comparium’s site and let it do all the work. Nothing as simple as Comparium is available today in the market.

The company has come out with 3 versions and the user can select according to their need as which is best suitable for them. The company as of now does not allow to access to test their API but wishes in future to provide the same. Also, the best part about the company is that today, they are willing the users to affiliate or partner with them by filling a short contact form.