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5 Stair Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Even when living in a small space, you should still have the pleasure to enjoy a proper staircase. First of all, you should not approach a simple unsophisticated design, thinking that you shouldn’t waste your time with other types of staircase ideas!

In fact, if you do your research, you’ll find that there are a lot of stair designs made with the idea of small space in mind. For example, winder staircases are ideal for small spaces as they use polygon shapes to create a triangular pattern that allows the staircase to be molded on your home’s interior.

As such, without any further ado, let’s take a look at five stair design ideas that you can easily use in small spaces!

Curved Staircase

A curved staircase design is pretty similar to the winder staircases we mentioned above. It basically implies the use of curves to save as much space as possible. Moreover, if paired with the proper design and style, curved staircases can significantly improve the look of your home.

For example, you can have the staircase manufacturers make from wood, steel, and even glass. On top of that, you can also decorate it with open steps, fiber railing, or chest-height glass.

Spiral Stairs

When it comes to spiral staircases, you can choose between readymade and custom-made staircases. This type is increasingly popular mainly because it helps the homeowner save a lot of space and provide their home with a stylish look as well.
On top of that, spiral staircases can be quickly fastened or uninstalled – just in case you change your mind.

Ladder Stairs

Even though a bit steep, ladder stairs are usually the go-to option of the small homeowner. Reportedly, they are a perfect fit if you don’t have to use them frequently throughout the day.

As such, ladder stairs could take you to your sleeping space, loft space, or to the place where you study or work. The main characteristic of this type of stairs is that they take little to no floor or air space.

Mezzanine Staircase

Depending on the size of your home, you may have been forced to shift the bedroom to a higher level in order to gain more living area. As such, the bedroom and the living room come on the same floor.

In this particular scenario, you can rely on a Mezzanine staircase. These are built to last, occupy a very small area, and are also easy to pack and place – a staircase on demand, if you may.

Sideways Style Stairs

The sideways style stairs are yet another very popular option among those living in small spaces. Naturally, the biggest advantage is the fact that you can have open shelves, storage facilities, and even a closet in these sideways stairs.

With such stairs, you will be able to increase the available space in your home while also enjoying a proper staircase to the upper level.

The Bottom Line

Even though some of you may think that adding stairs to small spaces/ homes is not worth the effort – or impossible -, we tell you that today’s stair designers have done a great job at coming up with design ideas that fit almost any space!

For example, you could equip your home with a staircase that’s entirely hidden in your floor. Naturally, such a model would require a rather big budget – but it’s still possible to have one!