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The Cleaning Techniques Your Business Office Needs

With all the cleaning services out there offering different kinds of assistance to business offices, establishments, malls or  medical centers, it gets quite challenging to choose which one best suits your needs. Cleaning tasks may vary depending on the number of employees, room size, storage spaces and types of equipment in your business.

Along with office cleaning there is one more thing you need to consider, like during the cleaning process you can’t keep you customer on hold. it’s always tough to monitor your employees performance specially when something going on in the office. But there are some software or tools which can make the process easy. contact center reporting system will allow you to check your each employee performance at one place. This type of software always have to improve your customer service and employee performance.

In order to make sure you are getting the best service options and are maximizing what you paid for, it helps to follow the techniques below to guide your chosen San Antonio cleaning service

Create a regular cleaning schedule. To maximize the services offered by your chosen cleaning service, creating daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules is recommended. This will help office managers or cleaning supervisors effectively monitor the tasks assigned to your cleaning crew. Depending on the size of your office, the daily cleaning lists should include minimum tasks  that are needed to keep the office clean and sanitary for employees. Daily tasks should include vacuuming and disinfection of all floors and desks, garbage disposal, damp-wiping of surfaces, handles and switches and sanitizing of wash rooms, pantry areas and meeting rooms.

Weekly and monthly cleaning lists should include big ticket items or 

tasks that can be deprioritized without harming the health and safety of office workers. This can include window washing, refrigerator cleaning, vacuuming of fabric chairs and vents, dusting of ceilings and deep cleaning of surface areas. 

Apply a proper organization and storage system. It is also important to work on an efficient and space-saving storage solution for all office supplies, paperwork and other items that need to be stored. An organized workspace increases productivity and has been proved to help reduce stress among employees. 

Depending on the type of industry and the amount of items your office accumulates regularly, cleaning services should be able to create a system that ensures all the storage rooms are being maximized and cleaned regularly. Aside from storage areas, electrical cords also increase clutter in the workplace so it’s best to keep them tied together in specific areas to avoid creating a cord nest. 

Employees should also be reminded to regularly organize their assigned shelves and cleaning staff to clean them weekly. 

Include maintenance cleaning of office equipment / appliances. As part of quarterly or bi-monthly cleaning lists, office equipment and appliances such as printers, air-conditioners, fans, humidifiers should be checked by professionals and sanitized by your cleaning crew.

Add Disinfection / Sanitation Services. Sanitizing may be included in the usual services offered by cleaning crews but with the pandemic in our midst, stronger disinfection measures should be applied. There are companies now that offer specialized sanitation services that help prevent the spread of viruses and infections which you can consider adding in the package of your chosen cleaning service provider to further safeguard your employee’s health and safety. 

Although hiring a professional team to clean your business office will definitely result in a cleaner, more organized environment in the workplace, it also helps to require employees to do their part in regularly cleaning their own areas to maintain a healthy and orderly workspace.