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Things to Inspect Before Buying a Used Tractor

Tractors are playing a vital role in modern farming. Get information on the things you should inspect before buying a used tractor.

The benefits of tractors in modern farming cannot be overstated. Tractors are widely used for plowing, planting, tilling, and lawn care, among other tasks in farms. While you have the option of buying a used or a new tractor, buying a second hand comes with several benefits. The most significant advantage being the cost. You will avoid the cost of insurance, depreciation, and warranty, making it an affordable option.

Used tractors are available, and you can locate one that suits your farming needs with the help of Tradus. Tradus is a machinery marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers from different parts of the globe. On this platform, you will get tons of information regarding the types of tractors that are being sold, the ones that are bought the most, prices, and much more. is one of the places where you can find a used tractor for your farm.

Buying a tractor is a significant investment. Therefore, you should think through what you want in the tractor and its quality before making your purchase. Through inspection, you can take home a tractor that will meet all your farming needs and one which can serve you for years. Here is what you should inspect in used tractors.

1. Overall appearance

If a tractor is in good shape, then it means it is well taken care of. One of the things that will sell out a tractor is how the body and the tires look. If they look worn out, it is obvious that the owner has not been doing a great job maintaining it.

Remember that replacing a tractor’s tire can be a costly affair and something you might not want to do immediately after making your purchase. Therefore, an inspection is critical for establishing how long you will use the tractor without the need to do a replacement.

Also, the condition of the body and the tire is an indicator of the tractor’s overall condition.

2. Engine

The tractor’s engine converts the chemical energy of the fuel you use into the motion of the wheels and other parts of the tractor. The tractor is able to handle the various farming tasks thanks to the action of the engine. This makes the engine compartment one of the most critical areas to inspect.

Engine compartment inspection is done by starting the tractor up and lifting the hood to check for any signs of leaks. Check the hydraulics and fuel lines for cracks, as this is where the leaks take place. One of the things that most people forget to check is the emission standards of the tractor. Failure to do this may land you in trouble with the local authorities as the engine is supposed to meet the emission standards of your jurisdiction. This information is available on the engine plate alongside the horsepower of the tractor. This is important as it can help you know whether or not the tractor has the capacity to perform different tasks on your farm.

3. Cab

The tractor’s cab plays a crucial role in making the tractor’s operation comfortable and providing safety by protecting you against the elements of weather and projectiles. The cab is therefore, one of the parts of the tractors that you should inspect. Look for obvious signs that the tractor was not well maintained, such as the presence of dirt, mud, and so on.

From the cab, you can gather information on the operating hours of the tractor. This information will aid you further in determining how much life the tractor has. However, don’t be surprised when you come across a tractor that has many operating hours but is still in perfect shape. This is a sign that the tractor was maintained correctly.

Some tractors have guidance systems. If the one you are inspecting comes with it, ensure that the electronic components such as receivers and displays are in working condition. Replacing the guidance systems will be costly to replace and repair; you, therefore, do not want to buy a tractor with a guidance system that is not in good shape.

4. Articulation point

The articulation point of a tractor is the primary moving part of a tractor. The things to pay attention to is whether the metal shards are available and if the articulation point of the tractor is well greased. You can start the tractor and move the articulation point by moving it back and forth to check for looseness and any other issues.

Tractors can cost an arm and leg. You should, therefore, put in careful thoughts when purchasing a tractor. The above areas need to given thorough inspection when buying used tractors. The information above will provide you with valuable insights when purchasing a second-hand tractor for your farm.