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Aged Care: 6 Physical Therapy Equipment One Must Know

As our body ages, it starts losing the strength we had in our youth. You may have observed this in your grandparents, other elders, or you might be experiencing this yourself; these symptoms get elevated once you are past 50. 

When we reach a certain age, our muscles start aching, and joints become weaker. However, as technology has advanced, several pieces of equipment have now been made to help the lives of the elderly.

 Some of this equipment can help reduce the pain after corrective surgery and enhance the ease of doing simple tasks. On the other hand, there is some therapeutic equipment which may help the elderly build their strength and improve their physical health. 

Following are some of these devices or equipment:

1. Lightweight Wheelchairs

Regular wheelchairs may be good for use at home if you don’t need them for too long. However, when you need a wheelchair for long periods of time and for transit, things should be dealt with differently. Lightweight wheelchairs are ideal for such times, and many of these can be folded and carried around easily. You can browse and visit website to buy them online.

2. Yoga Mat

While the simplest piece of equipment you can buy, a yoga mat is an excellent option for anybody out there. A yoga mat is especially good for the elderly because yoga is a low-impact exercise which can help the individual build core strength and flexibility. Yoga is also useful for maintaining balance and stability while doing other things, which is why buying a yoga mat is definitely a good investment. 

3. Seat Assist

Seat assists are easy to use and can be attached to many seating areas. What an uplifting seat assist usually does is it helps an individual stand up without causing them much discomfort or forcing them to depend on their family members for such things. This also helps you relax your back muscles. Seat assists usually come in two basic types: An electric powered one and a self-powered one. This particular piece of equipment enhances the comfort and mobility of the senior citizen, helping them move around easily.

4. Heat Packs

When you are past a certain age, back sprains and joint pains come naturally to you. Instead of eating a dozen painkillers every time you have that pinching pain in your body, heat therapy is what you can go for. These packs can be electric-heated, and they are easy to use. Also, these are said to be helpful in decreasing the overall pain in the long run. 

5. Shower Chairs

In the year 2009, over 83,000 cases of injuries related to falls were reported. This only goes to emphasise on the fact that even a simple slip can cause many serious problems. This is why a shower chair in the case of elderly people can be really helpful, and in such cases, it should be made a mandatory inclusion as a preventive measure.

6. Resistance Bands

Usually, heavy equipment isn’t advised to older people, but that doesn’t entail that one must shy away from exercising. Instead, resistance bands are a great way to exercise as they are easy to carry. They can also be used for several body parts and are extremely easy to use.

As we grow older, our body weakens, which means it deserves extra care and effort to function. This may be solvable; getting the appropriate equipment or eating different but healthier food should help. Remember, as you support your body, it supports you back. If you have elders at your home, suggesting or buying them the above-listed six equipment may help in enhancing their comfort or improving their health by a great deal.