Monday, April 19, 2021

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Perfect Late Summer Gift Ideas

It’s hard to believe we’re getting closer to the end of summer. Where does the time go? But don’t fret, there’s still at least a month left to enjoy! Late summer is a wonderful time of year: the birds are out chirping all day long, the crickets are humming away in the evenings, and the weather is usually perfect for outdoor activities such as going to the beach or hosting a gathering in the backyard.

Do you have friends or family members with birthdays coming up in the next few weeks? Or maybe there’s a belated graduation gift you want to deliver. Celebrating the people you love is fun regardless of the time of year, but it’s extra special when you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in the summer. To surprise someone you love, plan an outdoor activity — maybe a backyard barbeque — and consider these creative gift ideas.

A Summer Wine Club

Nothing says summer like a refreshing glass of rosé enjoyed on a warm evening with friends. Does your friend have a passion for the grape? These days, there are private wine clubs to join that provide exclusive access to unique wines coveted by connoisseurs all over the globe. Typically, a wine club will deliver a few bottles each month directly to the member’s residence, varying in colours and grape varieties.

Wine clubs can be pretty expensive, so be sure to do some research before treating your friend to an annual subscription. Many offer a one-
time special, which might be more economical for your budget.

A Knitted Blanket for the Park

Summer picnics are the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon. What’s better than spending the day in nature, surrounded by loved ones? No picnic is complete with the perfect blanket to sit on.

Gifts that come from the heart are often the most meaningful. This summer, knit your friend or family member a picnic blanket!

You may have some experience knitting or crocheting under your belt, and it’s never too late to pick the craft up again. All you need is to find the right yarn and tools from a reputable company. Find an online community that provides accessible patterns and inspiring project ideas. To learn more about the patterns available and accessories you’ll need, find a style that matches your skill level, and then go for it! Your friend will cherish the gift for many years (and picnics under the stars) to come.


Sadly, summer doesn’t last forever, so why not bring the delights of the outdoors inside? Houseplants are beautiful, and depending on the type of plant, create a summery vibe all year long. For example, a Majesty palm is an elegant plant that could turn any living room into a tropical paradise.

Double-check each plant’s toxicity before you purchase it, in case your friend has a cat or a dog. Even though houseplants are lovely and bring in lots of oxygen, they can also hurt your little furry friends with harmful toxins.

Make the last days of summer special, and give your loved one of these unique and thoughtful gifts.

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