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Best Baby Gifts for New Parents in 2020

The first few days and weeks tend to be challenging and tedious for new parents. It’s a time when the parents are sleep-deprived and attempting to adjust to their new roles. For the mum, she will still be trying to recover from the difficult task of bringing a new life to this world. Gifting them with baby girl clothes can help ease their burden a little.

You need to put some thought into the gift selection process, as you can’t just settle for the first thing that pops into your mind. Choose something that will calm their lives and help them restore some sanity. It could also involve choosing something that can help them to solve some of the problems they are facing.

Ideal gifts for new parents include:

A Pillow Spray

The purpose of a pillow spray is to help the parents get some much-needed sleep. When they are finally able to get some time to rest, they will be happy to have access to something that can make assist them to fall into a relaxed, deep sleep.

An ideal spray will have a combination of calming and relaxing scents such as chamomile and lavender. It’s what they need to get a little rest after a long day spent taking care of the little one.

A Baby Blanket

For those that would like to gift something sentimental, they can’t go wrong with a soft quilt or baby blanket. You can bundle it with some cute baby girl clothes if the parents have just had a baby girl.

The blanket comes in handy when making trips to the doctor’s office, during cold weather stroller walks, or when taking a car ride. New parents can use it until the baby turns two or three years.

Infant to Toddler Rocker

What makes this an ideal gift is that parents can use it to soothe and comfort their babies. The rocker is highly recommended as it assists in stimulating the baby’s senses. It includes colourful toys that provide round the clock entertainment to the baby. Parents can use its inbuilt vibrations to soothe the baby to sleep.

A Smart Vacuum

New parents will love anything that can serve as an extra pair of hands in their homes. Apart from taking care of the infant, the new mum and dad also have to juggle a host of other duties. A smart vacuum will, therefore, be appreciated as it’s capable of working on several cleaning modes, and can self-charge.

Crib Sheets

Cribs also need some comfy sheets for use by the little one. You can shop for prints having fun prints and patterns. Try to look for something that will bring out the playful spirit in an infant. They can also use the sheets for the first few years before transferring to a bigger bed.

Photo Calendar

There’s no better way to assist the new parents to look forward to the coming days than by giving them a photo calendar. Shop around for something classy, and don’t just settle for the traditional calendar. Look for something parents can display in different areas of the house.

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