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Eco-friendly Jewelry; Is It Time to Switch?

Everyone in the world buys jewelry with the desire that they have to look pretty and elegant with whatever they wear and carry. These things have been going on for generations. Without jewelry, outfits seem incomplete. If you look around yourself, you will see men and women wearing different types of jewelry pieces. Whenever you buy jewelry, you think about how you will look once you wear them. It’s all about looking pretty, isn’t it? 

While jewelry makes you look good and refined, drawbacks are attached to the jewelry community. When miners dig up the earth to take out diamonds for people to wear, it has many negative externalities that people are unaware of. There needs to be more attention and awareness towards the fact that the jewelry community is damaging the earth in many ways, and there are alternatives that can help us save the environment. 

Sustainable Jewelry: 

  • Eco-friendly jewelry pieces are a big step towards making this world better. This uproar started because many climate activists started spreading awareness that the world will end if we don’t take care of our surroundings and let go of our dirty habits. 
  • The planet we call home needs to be saved, but the question is, who is destroying it in the first place? We as humans have led the world to a place where there is no turning back, but if we try, we can make the world heal again through our actions.  

Why Eco-friendly Jewelry:  

  • Sustainable material: Eco-friendly jewelry is made of sustainable materials that don’t damage the earth. Sustainable jewelry is the key to stepping into the modern world. Almost everyone around you, including your family and friends, is letting go of the products that damage the environment and opting for eco-friendly products. 
  • Less waste: The waste generated through manufacturing processes damages the environment on another level. Traditional jewelry is created from precious stones dug up from the earth using extensive labor, then converted into pieces and shipped worldwide. This leads to a lot of waste and pollution. If you differentiate traditional jewelry from sustainable jewelry, you will know that it is made of recycled materials that don’t harm the earth. Recycled things have already been through the production process once, so they don’t need to go through it again. 
  • No chemicals: Multiple studies have shown that the waste released from factories has led to the death and extinction of many plants and marine life. Jewelry pieces created with sustainable material don’t emit any chemicals and create harmful waste that you know will lead to the death of plants and animals. 

Wearing sustainable jewelry means doing good for the environment and yourself. You can look pretty wearing sustainable jewelry like you do wearing mined jewelry. It’s just the mindset that matters.