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Vaping Vanilla

Is Vaping Vanilla Becoming a Trendy Thing To Do?

Vanilla vape juice is a prevalent flavor. Nearly every vape juice company makes it. And, if you vape, you’ve probably tried this flavor at least once.

But, you’ve probably noticed that not every vanilla vape juice is the same. Different companies use different combinations to create this smooth flavor. This variance leads to different tastes and consistencies.

Hot Juice creates a one-of-the-kind vanilla vape juice blend that refuses to blend into the background. There is a reason this is vape juice is America’s favorite.

Throughout this review, we’ll explore just what sets this vape juice apart from others.

Vanilla Custard Vape Juice – What Does it Taste Like?


Perhaps one of the most critical aspects of vape juice is its flavor.

If a vape juice doesn’t taste good, you aren’t going to use it – no matter what else it has going for it.

Hot Juice makes a number of vanilla custard vape juice flavors. Each one is designed to be smooth and tasty.

But, vanilla custard vape juice can be rather bland when used by itself. No matter how flavorful it is designed to be, there is only so much flavor you can get out of plain vanilla. This is particularly evident when you compare it to more extreme flavors, such as bacon and cotton candy.

However, this makes vanilla flavors particularly suitable for those that are new to vaping. It’s unassuming, light flavor is a great introduction to vaping.

If you or someone you know has just begun vaping, then a vanilla flavored juice should be at the top of your to-try list. You can always try out other vaping devices as well such as the MIQRO vaporizer if you are looking for something different to help you quit smoking cigarettes.

But, if you’re looking for something a little more flavorful, Hot Juice also makes Vanilla Berry Cake flavor. It mixes vanilla flavors with chocolate, strawberry, and cherry. Many customers have reported that it really does taste like desert.

You can also mix regular vanilla with any flavor you desire. This technique allows you to design your own flavors and put a new spin on some of your old favorites.

No matter whether you’re looking for a light flavor or something a little more flavorful, there is some vanilla vape flavor for you to try.

Vanilla Ejuice And Weight Loss

On top of tasting great, vaping vanilla ejuice might also be connected to positive health benefits.

Traditional cigarettes can lead to weight loss. This side effect is also connected to vaping, however.

One study explored the connection between weight loss and various vape juice flavors.

Adult e-cigarette users surveyed and asked questions about their current weight, vape use, demographics, preferred flavors, and personal traits such as self-discipline.

The participants’ weight was then watched to determine whether they lost weight, gained weight, or maintained their weight.

After the results were gathered and analyzed, the researchers determined that those who were more likely to lose weight while vaping vanilla-flavored or coffee-flavored juice.

Of course, no one knows whether the vanilla flavored vape juice was the cause of the weight loss. Or if there is an ununderstood connection between wanting to lose weight and choosing a vanilla ejuice flavor.

But, it doesn’t hurt your weight loss chances using vanilla flavoring.

So, that might be something to keep in mind when choosing your ejuice flavor.

Hot Juice Vape Juice – How Does Vanilla Compare?

Going about choosing an ejuice flavor is a game of comparison. You compare what you already know you like to other, unknown flavors.

Or, perhaps more commonly, you compare the flavors you don’t like to those that you have yet to try. For example, if you don’t like fruity flavors, you probably aren’t going to be keen on trying more fruity flavors.

So, then how does vanilla flavoring compare to other Hot Juice vape juice flavors?

Vanilla is very light. If you’re used to more flavorful ejuices like bacon and cinnamon, you probably aren’t going to get much from this flavor.

But, if you like lighter flavors, this one is something you should try.

This vanilla flavoring is also very suitable if you like mixing your own flavors. It makes a great base and can spice up any of your favorite flavors.

You might want to try mixing it with Hot Juice vape juice flavors that are either creamy or fruity.

Who Is It For?


As we’ve previously stated, this flavored vape juice is very light.

It is more suitable for those that are either new to vaping or who just enjoy lighter flavors.

If you’re adapted to stronger flavors though, this might not have enough kick for you.

Even if you discover that you don’t like this flavor, do not fret. Vanilla flavored vape juice is very easily mixed with other flavors to create something new and unique. If you don’t like it at first, try mixing it with some of your favorite flavors.