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5 Non-Medical Jobs that Need a CPR Certification

Summary: This article lists the different jobs and careers that are not related to medicine that requires the professional to possess a BLS certification.

Many of us have the assumption that the only jobs that need BLS certification online are those that are in the field of medicine and healthcare. But the truth — there are jobs that are not entirely related to medicine that actually require its applicants to possess a certification that they know CPR, first aid, and other BLS skills.

If you are planning to apply for a job, take a look at these list of careers that surprisingly require BLS certification.

#1 – Firefighter

Firefighters are not medically-inclined people at their core. But, as we all know, they deal with lives day in and out. They put out fires and save people who are involved in any fire-related situations. Sometimes, there will be casualties or injuries in a fire situation. A firefighter cannot just wait for a medical professional to arrive to attend to the injured victim.

They should know how to administer first aid or even use basic life support techniques and make sure that the victim has an increased chance of survival while waiting for the professionals to attend to them.

#2 – Athletic Trainers and Coaches

Athletic Trainers and Coaches
Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone no matter how old they are. In fact, even athletes are more prone to experience it because of the extreme conditions they are in. So, it is the trainers and coaches’ job to ensure that the athletes are safe or they are properly treated during emergency situations.For this, a coach or a trainer should have the proper certification to perform CPR and first aid to ensure that the athletes are always in good shape.

#3 – Volunteers

Oftentimes, volunteers are exposed to a situation where they meet poverty-stricken people. And oftentimes, they have health problems and emergency situations may happen at any time.

Moreover, the volunteer’s job is very tedious and there is a higher risk of being exposed to cardiac arrests and injuries. This is why they are required to know CPR so they can attend to their colleagues especially when they are in a quite remote place.

#4 – Construction Workers

Construction Workers
Construction workers are exposed not just to physical injuries but they are also prone to developing internal conditions because they deal with elements that affect their body systems.So, their environment is really one of the places that have the highest risk of being in an emergency situation.
And then, there are times when they are in a place where it is quite difficult to access professional medical help. So, a construction worker should be BLS-certified to ensure a safe workplace even though there are a lot of threats and risks around.

#5 – Child Care Attendants

Child Care
It is not only adults that experience emergency situations and need CPR. Infants and little children can have it too. So, those that provide child care in day care centers and even teachers should be skilled in CPR and first aid and have a BLS certification online specifically for children so that parents do not have to worry about the safety of their children when they send them to school.