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Celebrating During a Pandemic: 5 Occasions That Call for the Expertise of a Caterer

Celebrating special events during a pandemic require coming up with creative ways to do what once seemed so simple. The need to practice social distancing adds another dimension to all sorts of social occasions. The good news is that when planning catering Toronto is used, it’s still possible to make the most of those occasions. Here are five examples to consider, including how a professional caterer might manage them.

Small Wedding Receptions

Weddings today call for an intimate gathering of close friends and immediate family. Others may virtually attend by means of video conferencing. Those who are present can still attend a reception prepared by the best private caterer Toronto. What will change is how the reception area is set up.

One approach is to have the caterer prepare plates of food and place them at each of the seats before everyone enters the reception area. Cloches can be used over each plate to keep the food warm. Since cloches are often silver, they add another touch of elegance to each table. Water and wine glasses can also be filled by the catering team just before the guests enter the space. It’s also possible to have slices of cake already set up on a dessert table, while leaving a small cake for the happy couple to cut.

Birthday Parties

Many birthday parties are taking place at home. An expert in catering Toronto can arrange food boxes for each guest. The boxes can include an entree, a side, a dessert, and a beverage. Enough boxes can be delivered to the location of the main party to accommodate everyone who will be there. Guests in the local area who will be attending by a video conference can pick up boxes at the caterer’s place of business.

Retirement Parties

Retiring during a pandemic will likely meant there will not be the usual formal dinner with speeches and several courses. It’s still possible to celebrate the years of dedication that the employee offered. A plan similar to a wedding reception can come into play here.

Arrange the area in advance and use coverings to keep the food and beverages at the proper temperatures. Make sure the guests are kept at a reasonable distance from one another. Use a video link to include others who cannot be present physically. Depending on the layout of the employer’s facility, a conference room or break room may serve as the setting. If those are not available or are unsuitable for any reason, an expert with the catering company Toronto can help you find and reserve the ideal location.

Anniversary Celebrations

Celebrating a 10th, 25th or 50th wedding anniversary does not have to wait. Go ahead and call a catering company to arrange an intimate celebration for two. If the weather is nice, the caterer can arrange a beautiful setting on a porch, patio, veranda, or lanai, The food is once again protected with the use of cloches. The Toronto catering professionals will return in a few hours to collect the dinnerware and linens.

Graduation Parties

Formal graduation services are out right now, but that doesn’t mean the event has to happen without any recognition. A private caterer Toronto can prepare and deliver a special meal for the graduate and others who live in the home. That includes a cake to celebrate the occasion. Pair that with friends and other extended family members driving by to wave and provide their congratulations will round out the special event.

If you have something to celebrate, don’t put it off until things are better. Call one of the best private caterers in the GTA and see what can be done. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how creative your caterer can be.