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3 Tips to Help You Plan for Your Retirement

Most financial experts insist that people start planning for their retirement as early on in life as possible. Ideally, you should start saving and putting plans into place when you are still in your twenties. The question is, though, where do you even start and what are the aspects on which you should be focusing? Here are some helpful tips to guide you along the process.

Invest in long-term care insurance

It is not a reality that anybody wishes to confront. However, it is a fact that when a person reaches a certain age, they will no longer manage to be quite as independent as they once were. The costs associated with long-term care, whether received at home or within a care facility, can be rather extravagant. Hence the reason why it pays to be prepared for any eventuality with the help of long-term care insurance.

You might be wondering what to expect from senior living insurance costs? The truth is that it varies drastically from individual to individual. The factors that determine the amount that you will pay on an ongoing monthly basis include your gender, your age, your current state of health, existing chronic conditions, your marital status, and the amount of coverage that you want to take out. Be sure to compare quotes before selecting an insurance provider to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal.

Build a nest egg

Once you have sorted out the insurance matters, you can then turn your attention to putting money away into a retirement savings account.

This money will come in handy to cover your expenses, such as food and utilities, when you finish working. The great news is that most employers offer their employees a workplace retirement plan, otherwise known as a 401(k). It is possible to max out these plans, however.

In these instances, you can then consider an IRA.

An IRA is also the best course of action for anyone whose employer does not offer access to a retirement plan. For most, Roth IRAs are the way to go; however, to be sure, it is important to familiarize yourself well with all of the different types of IRAs (namely traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP-IRAs, and simple IRAs) and their pros and cons.

Get rid of your debt

While it is practically impossible to avoid incurring any debt at all as you navigate your way through life, it is always a good idea to focus on eliminating it long before you plan to retire. Remember to seek debt counseling and advice if you are struggling to repay the amount that you owe. It is also often worthwhile to consider debt consolidation if you currently have a number of different creditors. This can often make it easy to keep track of repayments as you will be paying off your debt in one lump sum every month.

They don’t call them your ‘golden years’ for nothing. However, careful planning is necessary to enjoy them to the fullest. Keep the advice above in mind and you will be one step closer to savoring the retirement that you have always dreamed of.

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