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It’s Hunting Season: Here Are the Best Places to Hunt in America

Did you know that every year, around 106 million Americans participate in fishing, hunting, and wildlife activities?

Whether you’ve been hunting every year since you were a little kid or if you’re just picking it up now, hunting is a quintessentially American pastime.

Are you sick and tired of your old, local stomping ground and looking for some new exciting places to hunt?

Look no further. Let’s check out the best places to hunt in all of America, no matter what kind of game you’re looking for.

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Salmon, Idaho

As you might imagine, Salmon is a great place to go fishing. However, you can also find much bigger game like deer, elk, bears, and mountain lions.

Rapid City, South Dakota

Rapid City, South Dakota is an awesome play to go hunting all year round. Here you’ll find deer, mountain lions, buffalo, elk, bighorn sheep, antelope, and more.

Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument, New Mexico

Do you love hunting quail? Well, this is the spot for you. There are three quail species that thrive there: Gambel’s, scaled, and Mearns’s (also known as Montezuma).

Southwest BLM, Wyoming

This is probably the best place to find antelope if that’s what you’re looking for. With hundreds of thousands of acres of BLM land covering southwestern Wyoming, this is one of the best places to hunt in the country.

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Rather than specify a particular town or forest, the whole state of Alaska is making out list. A nearly endless landscape of pristine wilderness save for a few populated areas, Alaska is where to hunt if you want some seriously impressive game. In the 49th state you’ll be able to find bison, black bears, grizzly bears, dall sheep, caribou, muskox, wolves, waterfowl, deer, elk, mountain goats, and small game animals.

Georgetown, South Carolina

In Georgetown, there’s more than a quarter-million acres of land ready for you to go hunting. Filled with quail, wild turkey, and smaller game, this is also a great spot to go deer hunting.

White River National Wildlife Refuge, Arkansas

If duck hunting’s your game, the White River National Wildlife Regufe in Arkansas is your place. This is the best place to experience a green timber duck hunt. The refuge consists of 160,000 acres of bottomland hardwood, and during peak migration you’ll find tens of thousands of mallards there.

Wayne National Forest, Ohio

This national forest in southeastern Ohio is a great place to hunt for turkey, deer, and small game. Ohio is known for having impressive bucks, and this is partially because of an increased interest in high-quality deer management.

Remember, though, this isn’t the west. High population areas like the Midwest and the Northeast have a lot of foot traffic when it comes to hunting.

Venice, Louisiana

Some people say that Venice is the best place in all of North America to hunt for waterfowl and go fishing. While this area was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina and devastated by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, hunters and fishermen keep going back for more.

Appleton, Wisconsin

If you’ve got your eye on some really big game, you might want to head to Wisconsin. There you’ll find huge bucks, wild turkey, bears, migratory birds, and more.

Waterfowl Production Area, North Dakota

This area is a part of the Prairie Pothole Region of the northern Great Plains. There, there are tens of thousands of small “potholes,” or wetlands. Thousands of these are owned and managed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

This is a great spot for waterfowl and upland birds. That means you can spend your days hunting ducks in the morning and chasing
sharptails, pheasants, and Hungarian partridge for the rest of the day.

Baker City, Oregon

If you head to Baker City, you’ll have more options than you know what to do with in terms of hunting spots. With six national forests, wildlife refuges, and recreation areas nearby, this is a hunter’s paradise. If you’re looking for bighorn sheep, antelope, elk, and deer, along with a nice selection of upland birds, you’ll probably want to head to the northwest.

Colorado National Forests, Colorado

No state offers more elk tags or has more elk than Colorado. It’s pretty hard to choose which National Forest is the best out of Colorado’s world-class selection. The whole state has 14.5 million acres of national forest, mostly in the western portion.

What’s great is that most of the national forest land in Colorado is open to elk hunting for anyone through the general, over-the-count hunts offered by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Service.

Dallas County Alabama

In Dallas County, you’ll find deer, deer, and more deer. There aren’t restrictions on what kind of weapon you use while hunting, which is fairly rare these days.

You’ll find 170,000 acres of hunting ground in Dallas County that has over 1.75 million deer.

St. Joseph, Missouri

The success rate for deer hunters in Missouri is quite impressive, but it makes sense once you realize that they have a whitetail deer population of over 1 million. You’ll also have good luck finding ducks and wild turkeys in this Northwest Minnesota area.

Vassalboro, Maine

If you’re in the mood for some wild poultry, keep heading north and east until you get to Maine. The small town of Vassalboro is known for its wild turkey where they roam large and free.

Pittsfield, Illinois

If you’re a bows hunter, you probably know about Pike County Illinois. Every year, bowhunters from all over show up, knowing that this is probably their best shot at getting a trophy whitetail anywhere in the whole country.

If you get tired of bowhunting for whitetail, there’s also a long tradition here of working with bird dogs and hunting native bobwhite quail. As far as ducks go, you’ll be able to find diver ducks, mallards, and wood ducks.


Buffalo Gap National Grassland, South Dakota

If you’re looking to get away from it all in a half-million-acre national grassland, this is the spot for you. You will want to make sure you have a good land status app, though, as there are blocks of public land mixed together with private land.

If you’re hunting coyote, there’s a good chance that if you knock on a door and ask the owner they’ll be happy to get rid of the nuisance.

That being said, you can also just wait on public land and call coyotes back off of the private property. A lot of the boundary of the grasslands is shared with the Badlands National Park.

Apalachicola National Forest, Florida

How about some hog hunting? Florida’s is one of the most hog-dense states in America, with some people estimating that it’s home to 500,000 hogs.

The Apalachicola National Forest is located in the panhandle near Tallahassee and consists of more than 630,000 acres. In most of the area, it is legal to use dogs for hog hunting.

Dixie National Forest, Utah

There are practically limitless hunting opportunities here, as most of this region is either USFS or BLM land. If you’re looking for a quality buck, a particularly good bet is the Boulder/Kaiparowits Unit in southcentral Utah.

Lake Umbagog, New Hampshire

Back up in New England, this is a good spot for hunting just about anything. Geese, ducks, bear, woodcock, moose, whitetail deer, and coyote all call this region their home.

Lenape Farms, New Jersey

What was once a private hunting preserve, this 5,000 acre spot was recently bought by the state of New Jersey. Filled with deer, this is a great spot if you’re wondering where to go hunting on the east coast.

Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont

When people think of Vermont they might think first of bed and breakfasts, fall leave colors, breweries, and Bernie Sanders. Actually, though, it’s a great place to go hunting too.

Here you’ll find prime deer and bear hunting areas. You’ll also be able to hunt for game birds, moose, and turkey.

The Best Placeas to Hunt in America: You Could Keep Yourself Busy For the Rest of Your Life Trying to Visit All of These Amazing Hunting


Now that you know where to hunt in America, you’re going to have to decide where you’re going to hunt next! Whether you’re hoping to grab a hog in Florida, an elk in the BLM lands out west, or a moose in New England, there’s no shortage of amazing places to hunt in this beautiful and vast country.

Did you find this article about the best places to hunt useful? If so, be sure to check out the rest of our blog for more informative articles!

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