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Here are Few Things You May Not Know about Glaucoma

We all know that glaucoma is a widely affected eye ailment that causes irreversible blindness, if not treated or managed. Glaucoma along with many other eye ailments is preventable to quite an extent if you are completely aware of how it is caused and what is it that you can do to delay or prevent it.

There is so much information on glaucoma at medical centres and the internet, but here are few things you may not know about it, but you should.

1.Glaucoma Can Sometimes Show No Symptoms

It’s very much possible that even with perfect eye vision you can have glaucoma. Since it affects the peripheral vision first, which is not noticeable to the person suffering, it’s only when it’s progressed to the moderate to advanced stage that one realises something is wrong with their vision. Due to the symptomless quality of glaucoma, it becomes all the more important to go for regular eye check ups so that, in the case of any eye ailment like glaucoma or others, your ophthalmologist can diagnose you in the early stages and start with glaucoma treatment.

2.It Can Be Hereditary

You have a higher probability of suffering from glaucoma if people in your family have had it or if you have diabetes. Factors like age, history of the ailment in the family, ethnicity, other ailments play a role in whether you are likely to have glaucoma or not. So make sure you mention your family history of the ailment and any other ailments you may be suffering from to your ophthalmologist so that he/ she is extra cautious, looking for any kind of sign or symptom of glaucoma.

3.Anyone can have glaucoma

It’s a misconception that glaucoma is an old age ailment. Glaucoma can affect anyone at any age so it’s important to look out for signs and get regular check ups. It is uncommon and affects less people below the age of 40, but it can affect anyone at any age. Even kids as young as newborns can suffer from glaucoma, it’s not exclusively an age related vision loss condition.

4.Glaucoma CAN be treated and managed

All patients of glaucoma do not suffer the ultimate irreversible blindness. Glaucoma can be managed and treated with eye drops, pills and now there is even laser treatment for glaucoma. A patient with glaucoma will also have to make some lifestyle changes to ensure that the ailment doesn’t deteriorate further, but yes, it can definitely be managed. Also, note that glaucoma is easier to manage if detected early, again emphasising on the fact that regular eye check ups are extremely important.

5.Glaucoma Tests are NOT long and painful

This is another myth that needs to be refuted. Glaucoma tests are not painful and do not r take a long time . In fact, they are pretty quick and effortless. Your opthamologist can look for glaucoma symptoms and signs in your regular eye check up routine. It is hardly a 15- 20 minutes test.


These are few things that you should keep in mind about glaucoma because there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about it as well. The more aware you are about it, the more you can notice the symptoms and prevent it. Regular eye check ups are the best way to get your diagnosis. Let the doctors do their part in diagnosing you, but you should do your best to prevent it with a healthy diet and habits. There is nothing better than preventing an ailment or delaying it for as long as you can, especially in the case of glaucoma, which can only be managed and not completely cured.