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How to Choose Winter Online Tires Canada for Your Car

Although most car owners think that they can go through all seasons with all-weather tires, this might be tricky if the winter comes. You have to change and get winter online tires Canada if you want safety and comfort as you drive on snow.

Since you will buy winter tires once, these tires will last you longer because you only use them during the winter season. However, there are many winter online tires Canada in the market, and you need to be careful not to buy tires that will not give you comfort and durability.

1. Advantages Of Winter Tires

These online tires Canada have a different tread pattern from the summer and all-season tires. They are different because manufacturers use different chemical compositions to enable them to operate in specific temperature ranges. If the range goes too high or too low, the tires might not perform well. Summer tires should not be used during winter because they become less elastic in low temperatures. This minimizes their traction, reducing the braking distance, which can be a significant cause of accidents.

Although all-season tires are thought to be suitable for all seasons, this is not the case. These tires are only made for mild climatic conditions, like areas that do not get snowy during winter and don’t experience high temperatures in summer.

2. Types Of Winter Tires

You should do some research before buying cheap tires Canada. This will educate you on some things you should consider when purchasing winter tires and the different types of these tires. The types of winter tires are classified according to their style of construction. These are studded and friction tires.

a. Studded Tires

These tires consist of metal anti-skid studs installed to give a good grip on wet and snowy roads. They are also responsible for good braking. These tires are recommended for drivers who use roads with hard and dry ice. However, the tires have some setbacks. They are noisy, and they are likely to wear out and lose most of their properties on dry roads. Studded tires are recommended to the drivers who spend most of their time on iced roads. However, if the city roads are covered with reagents to minimize the snow, you should not use studded tires.

b. Friction Tires

These online tires Canada resemble the studded type, only that they do not have the studs. They are made to be driven on areas with very low temperatures and snowy roads. Since they have large lamellae in the tread pattern, they provide a good grip, and they can squeeze snow out. However, these tires are soft, a reason they are not recommended for roads with dry ice. They can also wear out fast on dry roads. If your area experiences heavy snow and long winters, you can use these tires. They can give you high speed in these areas and are suitable for easy cornering, sharp accelerations and braking.

c. Non-Studded Tires

These tires can be used in areas that experience mild winters with a lot of rains and wet snow. The non-studded tires provide a good grip on the road, but you should be careful if the road is covered with snow. They are suitable for roads with low temperatures.

3. When Should I Buy New Tires?

This will depend on the condition of your tires. How much are they worn out? To better determine the degree of wear, when you measure the tread pattern’s height, it should not be less than 1.6 mm. If the tires are studded, you should be able to see some studs that do not have rust. Ensure you read the marking on the side of your current tires to know the date of manufacture.

4. Using Winter Tires

A car running in winter and another one with all-season tires are very different in terms of comfort and safety. Winter tires are made to give enough grip on snowy roads. Manufacturers of winter tires use a softer rubber to ensure there is flexibility during low temperatures. However, you cannot drive under high speed in these tires because your tires will wear fast if you go past the recommended speed limit.