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Long-Term Consequences Of A DUI Attorney

DUI (driving under the influence) is a criminal offense that is much more common than what you might expect right now. There are numerous conscientious drivers that have clean records and were arrested because of a DUI. After that, their lives completely changed.

What you might not know is that the DUI conviction can have huge ramifications. These can actually linger for many years to come. According to Noll Law Springfield DUI lawyer, people are aware of short-term consequences, like driver’s license suspension, fines and fees, or the high insurance premiums. The problem is there are also some long-term consequences that need to be mentioned. This is what we will talk about in the following paragraphs. Keep in mind that these are just some of the possible consequences.

Revocation Of The Driver’s License

The driver’s license can be revoked after being convicted of a DUI. The maximum time is 2 years following a first conviction. It is really hard to get work after this in the event that the position will require you to drive a vehicle. You can also end up losing your job. It can also be really stressful to not have the freedom to drive a vehicle. Even some simple errands can become complicated.

Background Checks

You should know that most employers out there will conduct a criminal background check before they will hire you. The presence of a DUI conviction or another felony in the background can stop you from landing the job you love. Even college financial aid admission processes and applications can lead to background checks. Also, when you want to rent an apartment you might find that the landlord conducts background checks on possible tenants.


When you are convicted of a DUI, you normally lose your job. This is due to jail time, court dates and possible community service hours, which would wreak complete havoc on the current work schedule. The job seeker can also be at a huge disadvantage in the event that there are applicants that do not have DUI convictions and you do. Even if the DUI charge cannot hinder your work performance, employers might simply decide not to hire you due to a criminal conviction.

Auto Insurance Rates

After the DUI conviction, it is a certainty that insurance rates are going to increase since those that have been convicted are instantly labeled as being “high-risk” drivers. Insurance rates often end up tripling or at least doubling for numerous years. There are even some insurance companies that are going to terminate coverage.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are different repercussions that appear following the DUI conviction. This is why as soon as a charge appears, you need to quickly hire an attorney that can help you out. To make matters even worse, your personal relationships and even some scholarship programs can end up affected. Never underestimate the negative effects of a DUI. You need to protect yourself and your future. Why risk it simply because you made a mistake?