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Water Distillers Advanced Technology – Benefits of Distilled Water

Water distillation has been around for decades and has continued to evolve. Any water distillation system is better than none, but having the best water distiller guarantees you better service and results.

The history of distillation dates back to 3000 BC, with the earliest known evidence from a terracotta distillation apparatus in the Indus valley of Pakistan. Distillation is believed to have been used by the Babylonians to make perfumes initially and, later, be used to make beverages. Distillation of alcoholic beverages is known to have had unexceptional occurrences in Italy and China starting in the 12th century.

Distillation technology continues to be used to date for various purposes, including water purification. Some of the 21st-century modern state of the art water distillation technologies include; water softeners, filtered water bottles, faucet water filters, water filter pitchers, whole house water filters, and reverse osmosis systems.

Advanced Water Distillers

You may be asking yourself why you would need to use any of these advanced techniques to purify your water and why you need to use distilled water. Your health is continuously exposed to risks due to the increase of chemical substances in almost everything we consume and use. Drinking distilled water has proven to have some advantages such as; promoting natural detoxification, improving digestion, improving skin and hair health, preventing waterborne diseases, avoiding chlorine, consuming pure water, and saving money.


Inorganic minerals collected in the body from water are indigestible and cannot be assimilated into the body. A build-up of inorganic minerals in your system may expose you to experience health complications. Distilled water rids the body of inorganic metals and pollutants that deter your body’s ability to absorb nutrients effectively.

When you consume distilled water, it goes directly to your bloodstream and helps your body rid itself of harmful substances. Distilled water is free of salts and sodium and does not leave any residue in your body. Quality distilled water is perfect for the healthy functioning of your kidneys, lungs, stomach, and other vital organs. A natural way to detoxify your body is to consume quality distilled water.


Drinking enough water helps you with digestion, but drinking tap water that contains high amounts of inorganic minerals may do you no good. Some chemicals found in tap water, such as chlorine, can damage the good bacteria found in your gut and digestive system. That causes a disturbance in your order, and you may develop irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Consuming distilled assist cholesterol absorbs fiber in the body, helping you relieve constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Distilled water is pure and does not damage your body tissue; neither does it upset your stomach or colon.

Skin And Hair

Washing your skin and hair in non-distilled water attracts the build-up of minerals and other compounds on your skin surface. That leaves your skin with breakouts and your hair dull and lifeless. When you clean your skin and hair with distilled water, your skin becomes smooth and flawless, and your hair gets a fantastic shiny, healthy look. When you invest in a whole house water filter, you do not have to spend money on costly hair and skin products.

Waterborne Diseases

Consuming untreated water could expose you and your family to waterborne diseases such as bacterial and parasitic infections. When you drink distilled water, you eliminate the risk of contracting these ailments by a significant margin. Distilled water is safe and helps your body flush out harmful substances. It keeps you healthy, and you do not have to spend money on treating water-borne ailments.

Avoid Chlorine

Have you ever got out of a public pool, and your eyes are red and your skin dry? Excessive exposure of your skin and eyes to chlorine is harmful, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Chlorine effectively destroys harmful bacteria in the water and can combine with other compounds to create chemicals that are harmful to your health.

Distilled water is pure and is gentle on your skin, eyes, stomach, and other vital body organs. When you use distilled water, you lower the risk of exposing yourself to harmful substances. Drinking distilled water prevents calcification of your body. Distilled water is known to be the #1choice for use in laboratories, perfumeries, and medical clinics.


When choosing to invest in an efficient and reliable water distiller or equipment, it may seem costly initially, but the benefits of drinking purified water are much more significant. Distilled water saves you money that you could spend on unnecessary waterborne complications.