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How to Prepare for a Car Accident

A car accident may happen unexpectedly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. Unfortunately, there is a lot of false information about how to be prepared and safe, floating around the internet. Furthermore, accidents cannot always be avoided, therefore knowing how to contact a lawyer is essential. 

Imagine you are driving happily on the roads of Hartford. Suddenly you get involved in a car accident in hartford. Do you know what to do in a situation like this? Here are some basic things you can do if you ever face an accident –

Basic Preparations

Little things may make a huge difference when it comes to preparing for a vehicle accident. For example:

  • Keep a copy of your vehicle insurance policy in the glove compartment, where it will be easy to discover. Set a reminder on your calendar to modify it every 6 months or a year whenever the latest version is delivered to you.
  • Check to see whether your insurance company provides a phone number to contact if you need to file a claim. If such a number is not apparent, highlight it. If you have roadside assistance, make sure to mention it.
  • Purchase a vehicle phone charger and get into the habit of charging your phone while driving. You’ll always be prepared to contact for support if the battery is never low.
  • If you live in a cold area, carry energy bars, blankets, and jackets in your car as well. They should ideally be accessible without having to exit the car.

Prior to the Accident

Carry your vehicle registration, automobile insurance, and emergency contact details in your car, and always travel with your driving licence. Keep a pair of orange cones or caution triangles in your trunk to assist alert drivers if an accident occurs.

Keep an Emergency Kit on Standby

Always be prepared for a car accident. Make an emergency kit including batteries, blankets, food, flares, a first aid kit, a notebook, pen, torch, camera, and a backup mobile phone. Always store the kit in your car’s trunk or backseat so you can readily get it when needed.

Contact the Authorities

Use your mobile phone and contact the authorities as soon as possible. Inform them of your whereabouts and circumstances. Please notify them if you or any of your passengers are wounded or if someone is unconscious. Make a statement to the police about the accident. Don’t say anything that puts you in the wrong.

Get the Necessary Information

As you wait for the police, fire service, and Emergency personnel, photograph each driver’s license, registration, and insurance papers, as well as their contact information, to use as evidence for your claim. Take pictures of both the front and the back of the papers.

Seek Medical Attention

Obtain medical treatment both on the spot and in the emergency department. You may not notice the consequences of potential injuries immediately. You may also be suffering from physical and mental trauma that you are not aware of. Professional medical treatment is required to keep a record of any injuries and to protect you from additional damage that might take your life. If you continue to feel strange or have further pain, bruises, disorientation, anger, visual problems, or personality changes, you should return to the emergency department to rule out concealed injuries and traumatic brain damage.

It is not always easy to recover from a car accident. You may be entitled to compensation from the responsible party based on the level of your injury or damage to property.

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